Piusi Heavy Duty Hose Reel: a robust solution even for the harshest environments

If you're an OEM or tank manufacturer, you will likely already know about all the benefits that a fuel hose reel provides when refuelling a high volume of vehicles or when the tank is situated away from the dispensing point.

From easy, convenient, and neat storage of the hose to preventing trip hazards and even prolonging the life of the hose, diesel hose reels are used for various applications. However, when it comes to supplying a fuel hose reel for more heavy-duty environments, like those found in the farming, mining, and construction industries, you need reliable and robust equipment that can withstand the most demanding applications. That's why we decided to expand our range of retractable diesel fuel hose reels and add the Piusi Heavy-Duty Fuel Hose Reel to it.

Designed specifically to ensure high efficiency when transferring a high volume of fuel or filling a high volume of vehicles, this Piusi diesel hose reel is ideal for rugged conditions and applications where robust fuel dispensing equipment is needed.

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So, what are the main features that make this diesel hose reel heavy duty?

As we mentioned above, the newest addition to our diesel hose reel range is the Piusi Heavy Duty Hose Reel, and this product is specifically designed for use in rugged environments and has several enhanced features that ensure both safety and comfort when being used. So here are the advantages of this new fuel hose reel and how you and your customers can benefit from those features.

  • Sturdy heavy-duty steel structure - One of the main differences that you will see compared to the Piusi Automatic Hose Reel is that the construction of the heavy-duty hose reel has extra bends in the main column. This provides extra strength and stops the frame from twisting over and pulling the reel when it's in a fully extended position.
  • Protected latch mechanism which prevents injury - this retractable fuel hose reel comes with a finger guard which goes on either side, stopping people from accidentally trapping their fingers in the ratchet system when the reel is in use.
  • Enhanced steel inlet – This makes the fuel hose reel a more robust system aids the performance and reliability of the reel, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Automatic spring rewind - This provides ease of use and convenience. In addition, the reel is supplied with four-way rollers to guide your hose in any position that you decide to pull itexcessive wear on the hose.
  • Adjustable arm brackets – Piusi Heavy Duty Hose Reel can be easily mounted in various positions without any problem with functionality and safety due to its adjustable arm brackets that allow easy positioning.
Hose Reel Infographic

How can it be installed?

The first step of installing a fuel hose reel is to consider where and how to mount the reel to the fuel storage tank. This Piusi heavy duty hose reel offers three mounting options: floor, wall, or ceiling. This is because the actual arms on the side of the reel can be moved into three different positions to allow ease of use. In addition, the rollers at the front of the diesel fuel hose reel can be adjusted and turned to allow the hose to be pulled out straight and retract easily when refuelling is completed.

Within this hose reel kit, you’ll get a hose stop complete with fixings, and a 1-inch swivel with a special gasket that seals onto the face of the 1'' male fitting on the hose reel. Your hose guard comes pre-fitted with two screws, and you get a heavy-duty clip which will actually attach the hose in the centre of the drum. This will be all you need to safely install to the reel onto the fuel storage tank. However, we recommend checking our hose reel installation best practice guide for more tips and advice, see here.

Typical applications that the Piusi heavy duty hose reel is suitable for:

Hose Reel Applications

Due to its heavy-duty design and high efficiency when transferring a high volume of fuel or filling a high volume of vehicles, this diesel hose reel is popular with bunded fuel tank manufacturers for mounting directly onto the storage tank. It is also suitable for heavy-duty applications such as those found within the agriculture, fleet, and quarry industries. As this fuel hose reel has more enhanced features than the Piusi Automatic Diesel Hose Reel, we are typically recommending it for applications with more robust equipment due to the harsh environment where it will be used.

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