Bespoke Pump Kits

Tank suppliers, we can work with you to design and build a bespoke kit that meets your specifications exactly.

Your Exact Specifications Met with Our Bespoke Pump Kits

As a supplier to many OEM tank manufacturers for over 35 years, we know that every tank design is different. Not only do our customer’s choice in components differ per tank model, but also the shape and size of the tanks affects how the components are assembled. If you’re a tank supplier, then we can cater for this. Our technical team can work with you to design and build a bespoke kit that meets your tank model specifications exactly to save your engineers' time assembling individual components.

So, what goes into developing your kit?

If you’re a tank manufacturer, we may already be working with you on bespoke pump kits to meet your exact tank specifications. But have you ever wondered what exactly goes into the process behind the scenes? From conception to completion, our 35 years' of industry experience goes into designing and building your bespoke kit. If you aren’t yet utilising our bespoke pump kit service, here is what else you can expect when you work with us:

How can you benefit from our bespoke kits?

Are your engineers spending costly time assembling individual components to get your tanks exactly how you want them? Save them the hassle and let us add our expertise instead! We already work with a large number of tanks manufacturers, providing great before and after-sale support and highly customised solution to specific applications. By working with us, you will receive a bespoke pump kit that matches your exact specification without spending hours ordering and assembling numerous parts. But this is just a small part of the benefits you get when you work with our highly knowledgeable team.

Here are some more advantages that you will receive:

  • Completely bespoke kits matching your exact tank requirements, as opposed to an off-the-shelf product
  • Supplied ready to install, our kits save you the cost and time of your engineers assembling numerous components supplied individually by the manufacturers
  • As the UK agent for Italian manufacturer Piusi and importers of other major brands, we ensure only quality equipment is used to protect the reputation of your tank.
  • Kit plates can be custom made to fit your tank design thanks to our longstanding relationships with powder coaters and laser cut steel fabricators.
  • Technical after-sale support is provided as standard, meaning we can help troubleshoot any customer’s issues ……and you can take credit for the good service!
  • Our large stockholding means replacement parts are almost always available for immediate dispatch to prevent any end user downtime.
  • On request, we can provide kit datasheets branded with your details as well as individual component part codes for easy future reference.

Ready to save your engineers time assembling lots of individual parts?

Get your no-obligation quotation or simply ask us about how we can work with you to develop your bespoke kit today!