The Original Fuel Tank Alarm

The beginning of the range

Centre Tank Services have been suppliers to the fluid handling and fuel storage industry for almost 30 years. Designed in-house using our specialist expertise in the fuel storage market's requirements, the CTS multi-zone tank alarm was originally developed for use on commercial diesel tanks to accurately detect and alert of the user of a combination or all of the following tank states:

  • High fuel level to avoid further filling and an overspill

  • Low fuel level to prompt a fuel delivery to be ordered

  • Fluid within the tank's bund which may indicate a leak or rain water ingress

The CTS tank alarm is now a leading solution for level alert amongst fuel tank manufacturers and engineers within the industry, and is well recognised on refuelling tanks used in the haulage, construction and agricultural markets.


Why is a fuel tank alarm so important?

Fuel Tank Alarm Installation

Put most simply, being unaware that your fuel level is low may lead to the inconvenience and down time of running out of fuel, or the cost implications of temporarily having to pay retail fuel prices. Not knowing your tank level is high is also a problem as you may find yourself in an overfill situation, resulting in loss of paid for fuel and the environmental costs. Whilst some tanks have an automatic overfill device installed, not all do, and therefore the fuel delivery driver needs to be alerted when the tank is reaching maximum capacity.

A tank gauge can visually indicate the level of the fuel, but requires someone to remember to check it. An audible diesel tank alarm can solve this issue, and by connecting the version with relays to an external alarm or BMS, the alarm state can be remotely monitored. On modern diesel storage tanks you will find both a gauge and an alarm.


Selecting your tank alarm system probes

To make our multi-zone diesel tank alarm as flexible as possible, we offer the alarm box alone as standard. This allows you to select the probes required for the application at hand. You can select from:

  • Single probe - For high level, low level or bund warning

  • Double probe - If you need two level alert combinations e.g. high/low, high/high, low/low

  • For all three zones a double and single probe are required


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