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HVO and GTL fuel delivery


The new generation liquid fuels for a more sustainable future.

With the ambitious government's plans to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035, the fuel industry needs to adapt quickly and consider new-generation fuels such as HVO and GTL as a viable option for a more environmentally friendly solution. To help you learn more about these new-generation fuels, we have prepared a range of useful articles and more information about the suitability of our and Piusi's diesel fuel product range.

Fuel Storage

Fuel Storage Accessories

The choice of many OEM tank manufacturers in the UK and globally

Centre Tank Services have been directly supplying OEM fuel tank and generator manufacturers with fuel dispensing and storage tank equipment for 30 years. Our range of fuel tank accessories includes everything from pumping equipment and level gauges to filler caps and valves. As a leading and trusted trade supplier we can offer bespoke solutions to answer your exact requirements and supply you with high-quality equipment that you can rely on.

Diesel Bug

Fuel Contamination

All you need to know about fuel contamination and how to prevent it.

The discussion of fuel contamination, especially water contamination in diesel, is a hot topic in the fuel industry that is not going away. If fuel contamination is left untreated it can cause several costly problems including blocked filters and damaged fuel transfer pumps, engine failure, fuel system corrosion and poor fuel efficiency. To help you fight fuel contamination, we have prepared a range of product guides, useful articles and offer a range of products to tackle the issue.

Refueling a vehicle

Diesel Refuelling

UK’s leading diesel refuelling equipment supplier for over 30 years

Centre Tank Services have been supplying tank suppliers, fuel companies, industrial resellers, hydraulic companies, plant and agricultural merchants with fuel dispensing equipment since 1987. As leading fuel equipment suppliers and UK Piusi agent our diesel dispensing equipment is trusted for its reliable and long performance life. With a large stock holding and extensive product knowledge, we can provide expert product advice and dispatch products immediately to our UK and worldwide clients.

AdBlue equipment

AdBlue Equipment

High quality AdBlue equipment that you can rely on

Since the introduction of AdBlue™ to the market, we have worked closely with AdBlue™ manufacturers and suppliers to provide them with the AdBlue™ dispensing equipment that their reputation relies on. Our range of AdBlue™ equipment includes everything from pumps for IBCs, drums and tanks, to nozzles and hoses. We can also offer high quality bespoke AdBlue™ solutions that match your requirement and provide expert before and after-sale support.

Oil Heating Tank

Oil Heating

Long standing and trusted supplier of oil heating equipment

As a longstanding member of OFTEC, our technical team have built up an extensive knowledge of the oil heating industry's installation standards and are here to provide before and after-sales advice and help you select the right product. As one of the leading suppliers on the market, we pride ourselves on high-quality products, large stockholding and 30 years of market knowledge which has established us as a trusted trade supplier of oil heating accessories that you can rely on.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Monitor fuel use and have full control of your fleet.

Take control over your site with a fuel management system designed to give the transport manager or company owner peace of mind by allowing them to monitor fuel consumption, manage access to the fuel point and provide fuel tank security. As an official supplier of Piusi fuel management systems, our range of monitoring systems are used for various functions. From controlling who has access to the fuel and monitoring the amount of fuel the drivers are taking to running detailed reports on fuel consumption and spotting higher fuel usage, Piusi fuel management systems have it all.


Generator Tank Equipment

From UK’s leading fuel equipment supplier and preferred choice of OEM tank manufacturers.

At CTS, we have been working closely with many OEM tank manufacturers since 1987, supplying equipment for generator bulk and day tanks as well as offering retrofit and replacement products to generator engineers/service companies. As a leading and trusted trade supplier of generator tank accessories, we offer high-quality generator equipment ready for immediate dispatch to our UK and International clients to meet thigh deadlines.