The CTS Alarm Range

Mains Multi-Zone Tank Alarm

Mains Tank Level Alarm

The Mains Multi-Zone Tank Alarm is a versatile alarm option for accurately detecting and alerting the user to a combination of up to three of the following level scenarios; high level, low level or bund alert. As well as a sounder and flashing orange strobe, the mains alarm benefits from the zone in question lighting up on the screen to indicate the issue. A version with relays is available to connect the alarm to external equipment such as a building management systems, and can also control the pump operation on a day tank e.g. to turn it on when the low level is reached.

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Battery Multi-Zone Tank Alarm

Battery Tank Level Alarm

The CTS Battery Multi-Zone Tank Alarm is designed to alert the user of up to three level scenarios in isolated or portable installations where mains power is unavailable. It is a flexible solution for accurately detecting and alerting the user to any combination or all of the following tank states; high level, low level or bund alert. As well as a sounder and flashing LED, the battery alarm benefits from the zone in question lighting up on the screen to indicate the issue and a low battery warning. To enable the alarm to connect to external alarms or monitoring systems there is a version available with relays.

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Economy Tank Level Alarm

Tank Bund Alarm

The CTS Economy Tank Alarm acts as a cost effective solution if only one alert is required; for example if the user only wants to know when the storage tank/drum is almost empty or full. This entry level tank alarm option is battery powered making it suitable for installations where there may be no mains power. Thanks to its simple operation, the battery will last in excess of 72 hours in full alarm mode making it ideal for sites that are not always manned.

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Single Channel Tank Alarm

Single Zone Storage Tank Alarm

Like the Economy Alarm, the Single Channel Tank Alarm is designed for applications where the user only requires to be alerted of one scenario i.e. that the tank is almost empty or is full. The Single Channel alarm however has the addition of some useful features such an LED text display to inform what the activated storage tank state is, and a low battery warning. It is available as mains or battery powered, with the mains model coming with a relay for connecting to external equipment such as another mains single channel alarm or building management system for remote monitoring of the tank i.e. from inside the office.

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ATEX Approved Tank Alarm

The CTS ATEX Tank Alarm is a battery powered, high level or bund alert solution for use in potentially flammable environments. When used with our standard level probe it is suitable for use on diesel, kerosene and JET A1 tanks, and when used with a third party ATEX approved probe is certified for use with petrol and spirits. This ATEX certified tank level alarm benefits from a flashing red LED and 95dB alarm, which sounds to alert the user to a problem continiously for 120 seconds followed by a periodic beep for 60 minutes. 

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Tank Level Probes

Available are a range of tank alarm probes compatible with a variety of fluids, making the CTS tank alarms suitable for several applications. Included in the tank level probe range are those compatible with diesel, fuel oil, waste oil, water and chemicals.

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Single Fuel Tank Probe        Double Fuel Tank Probe        High Viscosity Level Probe

  Oil Drum Level Probe       Water & Chemical Level Probe

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