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When the equipment is of a technical nature, selecting a product from a large range of very similar products with slightly different specifications may appear quite confusing for the user. For example, specifying which pump is most suitable for a particular transfer application needs to consider a range of points including power available, flow rate and the environment in which it is occurring. To make the purchasing process simpler, we have created a range of guides to our main product lines that discusses what needs to be considered.

How to select your diesel fuel transfer pump


With a large range of diesel fuel transfer pumps with different specifications and features to select from, deciding on the right refuelling pump for your application may not be entirely simple. This guide illustrates exactly what a diesel transfer pump is and the factors you should consider when purchasing one. Upon reading this guide, you should be a lot clearer as to which diesel dispensing pump is most suitable based upon your individual requirements.

What is AdBlue™ and how to select an AdBlue™ pump


AdBlue™ is still a fairly new issue, particularly to the agricultural and construction markets that it hasn’t long been present within. This guide provides a clear and concise description of the fluid and why it has been introduced to the diesel market. It also gives guidance on the range of AdBlue™ pumps available and how to identify the right pump for your application.

What makes the Husky nozzles high spec?


The US manufactured Husky nozzle range is at the higher end of market requirements thanks to the individual model’s enhanced features. What is important however is why exactly the Husky models are different to standard refuelling nozzles, and what features each individual model has. Read this guide for more information.

The reasons why every tank owner needs a fuel tank alarm


Sometimes the idea of adding more equipment to your tank may seem like just an additional cost, but in fact there are a number of key reasons why all commercial diesel tanks need a fuel tank alarm. Read this guide for the issues that a tank level alarm and a bund alarm solve, and the options that are available to you.

Choosing the right fuel management system


Fuel management systems differ hugely in terms of their capabilities and features, providing the user with very different levels of security, control and knowledge. This guide discusses what fuel monitoring systems do, the different types available and what you need to consider when deciding on the level of sophistication you require from your unit.

The right fuel flow meter for your application


There are a number of alternative types of fuel flow meter, or fuel counters as they are otherwise known. This product guide discusses the different types of flow meter on the market and how to make the decision on which flow meter to buy. The guide also gives information about what a pulse meter is, and why a user may require this over a flow meter.

The importance of fuel filtration


Read this guide to gain a better understanding into why filtering both particles and water out of your fuel is so important, and the problems it can cause if your fuel is contaminated. The article also provides you with guidance on how to decide which fuel tank filters are most suitable for your particular system and the factors that you should consider.

Using an oil spill kit to control an oil or fuel spillage


Small spillages of oils, fuels and lubricants are common within any industry, meaning that all sites or plants should have a means of dealing within them should they occur. Spill kits are a common solution as they provide everything you require in a portable and compact bag. Read this step by step guide on how to use a spill kit in order to control and industrial spillage.

What makes the Piusi air operated oil pumps superior?


Piusi, the leading name in the diesel equipment market, have created a range of air operated oil pumps using their design and manufacturing experience built up over the past 60 years. This guide explains the design benefits that these models have over alternative air powered oil pumps available on the market including less mechanical parts to maintain and a more efficient operation.

No mains power? How to select a battery powered fuel transfer pump


When mains power is unavailable, perhaps the site is remote or the refuelling point is required to move around, a battery powered pump is often the best solution. Given the large variation of models available, the application needs to be looked at to determine what it the most suited pump. So what points need to be considered when choosing a portable diesel fuel transfer pump…

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