Aquafighter: The complete solution to removing water from your diesel fuel tank

The increasing bio-content in today’s diesel means that your fuel tank often contains problematic water levels.

The increasing bio-content in today’s diesel means that your fuel tank often contains problematic water levels. Water in fuel is usually bad news, you probably already know that. With issues including the nasty diesel bug sludge that blocks filters, damages pumps and gets sucked into your machinery, to potential engine failure, fuel system corrosion and poor fuel efficiency, taking action is key.


Why is it important to remove water from diesel fuel?

There are many fuel additives on the market, some of which are efficient in treating some of the symptoms of water contamination. Some prevent the build-up of diesel bug, other breaks down the diesel bug that has already formed to enable it to pass through standard filters. What they don’t do however is deal with the root cause. Water is still present in the tank. By removing water from the diesel fuel, you are directly dealing with the problem, preventing it from causing all of the symptoms that go on to cause serious damage to your equipment, engines and vehicles.

How to remove water from diesel fuel?

Blocked fuel filter

If you are fuel tank owner, you will already have heard of and even used some of the conventional water in diesel fuel treatments on the market such as fuel tank water filters and fuel tank water absorbers. Fuel tank filters such as the Goldenrod and Cim-Tek filters are designed to be fitted on the outlet of a diesel storage tank as a cost-effective, simple to use way of removing water before it enters the vehicle/machinery it is fuelling. They do however not solve the entire problem:

1. They do not deal with the water problem until the fuel is dispensed. Therefore, inside the tank, water is still present for diesel bugs to grow and form the nasty, problematic sludge.

2. They remove only the free water from the diesel fuel (the water that sinks to the bottom in a separate layer), not the suspended or emulsified water (the water that is bound to the fuel molecules making it appear as cloudy or milky fuel).

Traditional fuel tank water absorbers, which are designed for lowering into diesel storage tanks to absorb the water that sits at the bottom also only remove the free water. This means that just like standard fuel tank filters, they do not remove all of the water contamination, just part of it.

An alternative and more effective water in diesel fuel treatment is Aquafighter. The revolutionary Aquafighter is the only fuel tank water absorber on the market that also successfully removes the suspended and emulsified water, providing a complete solution for water contamination and eliminating the problems that cause engine and equipment damage.

What is Aquafighter and how it works?

Aquafighter is a diesel tank water absorber designed to remove both the free and emulsified water from the fuel tanks of, agricultural and industrial machinery, storage tanks, generator, and oil heating tanks. Unlike any other fuel tank water absorbers, Aquafighter reduces the water content levels down to less than 75ppm, meeting and exceeding the EN590 diesel fuel standards of 200pp), saving you costly damage and downtime.

The process of using Aquafighter to deal with water contamination is very simple. All you need to do is place Aquafighter in the tank through the largest opening, and the diesel tank water absorber uses a 3-step approach to keeping fuel water-free until it reaches capacity:

  • Step 1 – Forces a chemical reaction that separates the bound water from the fuel molecules
  • Step 2 – Captures the water inside the fabric membrane by bonding it to the special polymer
  • Step 3 – Releases water-free, clear and bright fuel back into the tank

This fuel tank water absorber not only completely remove water from diesel fuel but provides numerous benefits that can save you time and money in the long term.

  • Captures and removes free and emulsified water
  • Prevents diesel bug from forming
  • Works directly in the tank (no fuel removal needed)
  • Eliminates the need for most additives
  • Reduces filter replacement by around 60%
  • Reduces the need for tank cleaning
  • Protects tanks from corrosion
  • Exceeds EN590 standards – 100% efficient at reducing water to <75ppm

Aquafighter can be used for various applications, which is making the product versatile and ideal solution for water contamination problems in any industry. This diesel tank water absorber comes in the following models:

  • Finger – For tanks on boats, agricultural and plant machinery up to 100ltrs.
  • Snake – For tanks with small openings up to 500ltrs e.g. genset belly tanks.
  • Anaconda – For IBCs or small plastic tanks up to 2500ltrs with 4in opening.
  • Medium Canvas – For bulk fuel storage tanks up to 5000ltrs.
  • Large Canvas – For bulk fuel storage tanks up to 10000ltrs.

Not sure which Aquafighter model is right for your application? View our Aquafighter product size guide to find which model is the right you.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Aquafighter has undergone over 7000 lab tests, showing 100% efficiency in water content removal to under 70ppm (90% of tests were performed by 2 of the world’s largest fuel producers). Also, the diesel tank water absorber has been tested on B7 diesel with 363ppm at the renowned Saybolt Laboratories and showed 100% efficiency to less than 64ppm and after more than 1-week exposure, as low as 40ppm.

Before and after

Spending money and time on preventing the water contamination symptoms might be short term solution, but it will not help you to keep your fuel tank water free all the time. If you want to deal directly with water contamination, you need to consider Aquafighter as a complete solution. Once Aquafighter water absorber is in your fuel tank, you can peace of mind that your diesel fuel is always water-free.

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Start dealing with your water today

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