What sets Husky nozzles apart from other nozzles on the market?

The Husky nozzle range are 100% US manufactured to ensure long service life and durability.

Husky Nozzle Features

The Husky nozzle range are 100% US manufactured to ensure long service life and durability. These automatic fuel nozzles are acknowledged at being at the higher end of the refuelling nozzle market thanks to a range of enhanced features and a higher specification design. What is important though, is that a customer looking at the Husky fuel nozzle range understand exactly what sets them apart from other nozzles, and which model has which features. For this reason we have put together this in depth guide to the Husky nozzle design.

There are four core models of Husky nozzle:

  1. Husky X-Mate (60lpm, ¾” F BSP) - The Husky ranges’ entry level automatic shut off nozzle, designed for the safe and efficient refuelling of small commercial vehicles and passenger cars
  2. Husky 1GS (100lpm, 1” F BSP) - The most popular automatic shut off nozzle in the Husky range, designed for the refuelling of larger vehicles and agricultural and plant machinery
  3. Husky VIII (250lpm, 1" F BSP) - A durable and heavy duty Husky automatic shut off nozzle, designed for the high flow refuelling of large agricultural and plant machinery
  4. Husky 1690 (375lpm, 1 ½” F BSP) - An extremely heavy duty automatic nozzle for high flow, bulk fuel transfer for applications including rail, tanker or filling storage tanks

Please refer to the table below for an easy to understand explanation of which Husky nozzle has what.

Loss motion latch pinоооо
Flo-stop® deviceооо
Reinforced spout bushingо*о**о
Behind of spout sensing portоооо
Stream Shaper®о*о**
Delrin tipped stemооо
Torsion clip springооо
Three position hold open clipооо
Full metal hand guardоооо
Increased pressure closing poppetоооо
Anti-air lock featureо
Dual poppetоо

* Smaller spout version as standard, larger spout version optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly
** Optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly

Loss motion latch pin - Working in conjunction with a spring loaded diaphragm, it greatly reduces nuisance click offs and splash back spillages

Patented Flo-Stop® device - Nozzle shuts off when spout is raised above the horizontal or falls from the fill tank to prevent spillages and loss of fuel

Reinforced spout bushing - Spout tip remains round and inner diameter unworn even after excessive use, which prevents nuisance click offs and splash back

Sensing port behind spout - Positioned behind rather than the end of the spout, ensuring the sensor is not subject to wear that increases its sensitivity and causes nuisance click offs

Patented Stream Shaper® - Reduces turbulence and velocity for a straighter fuel flow, ensuring less splash back spillage

Delrin tipped stem - Reduces lever pad wear and allows more positive low flow shut off

Torsion clip spring - Enhances lever durability and prevents breakages

Three position hold open clip - Requires only one hand to open nozzle and then put hold open latch on. If fuel nozzle hits ground, latch flicks off and shuts off flow even when put in lock position

Full metal hand guard - For enhanced durability of the diesel nozzle

Increased pressure closing poppet - When more pressure is applied e.g. someone stands on hose, the poppet shuts the nozzle off to prevent leakage rather than pushing fuel out of spout and onto forecourt

Anti-air lock feature - Stops nozzle from having to be removed from the hose when priming the pump

Dual poppet - For easier opening of the nozzle when high system pressure is present due to high flow

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