8 Points That Prove Piusi B.SMART is a Truly Smarter Fuel Management System

As you might already know, the Piusi fuel management systems are a perfect solution for the small to medium haulier, providing fleet managers with full control and better monitoring of fuel dispensing.

B.SMART comparison infographic

As you might already know, the Piusi fuel management systems are a perfect solution for the small to medium haulier, providing fleet managers with full control and better monitoring of fuel dispensing. The standard Piusi fuel management systems have been giving fleet managers peace of mind about who has access to their fuel and where each fuel is going for many years. These systems still prove highly popular among small to medium fleets, but as technology advances, so has Piusi's offering. So without further ado, we want to present to you the even smarter, more flexible and intuitive Piusi fuel management system; the B.SMART.

The traditional Piusi fuel management systems have their key place in the market, so you are probably asking what exactly is the B.SMART and how different is from the other Piusi fuel management systems. In this article will show you how going web-based can provide additional benefits if you're looking for an even more sophisticated system than our well known and loved traditional solutions.

So what is Piusi B.SMART?

Piusi B.SMART is an online fuel management system that uses cloud-based software to help fleet managers prevent fuel theft, identify anomalies and allocate fuel cost to the site. All of these can be done remotely in REAL-TIME on a single online portal, giving the opportunity to manage dispensers across multiple geographic sites wherever you are.

B.SMART is a simple fuel management system that uses the app on driver’s IOS or Android phone to enable dispensing and its network to send the data to the cloud, where the fleet manager will have full access to a range of reports and detail information for each of their sites. Moreover, the Piusi B. SMART comes in the favourite and bestselling models - Piusi MC Box and Cube 70MC. For even more information, read our article about how you can be smart with the Piusi B.SMART.

What makes the Piusi B.SMART an even smarter fuel management system?

A smarter Piusi fuel management system comes at an extra cost, so we know that you are probably asking what you get for paying more. Well, the feature that all of the B.SMART benefits centre around is that it is a completely online fuel management system, a fact that can save you a considerable amount of time and hassle...


We all know the first step of setting up any fuel management system can be overwhelming with new information. However, with Piusi B. SMART, all you need to do is simply access the system by logging into the online portal, saving you the time from having to download and install the software.

Winner: B. SMART

Driver set up/access

With the Piusi Self Service Management 2018 software, drivers can be only set up at each dispenser with an electronic key or pin code by the manager. For that reason, traditional Piusi fuel management systems were often a popular choice for single-site use. However with the B.SMART, the manager can use the web portal to set up drivers from their PC without moving a muscle, and then drivers can simply use a mobile app to activate the pump ensuring only those with the phone app can access the fuel.

Winner: B. SMART

Piusi B.SMART fuel management system

Data Transfer

This is one of our favourite features of Piusi B.SMART as it shows how smart and intuitive the fuel management system is. The data transfer process is so easy and simple. As the Piusi B.SMART is a cloud-based fuel management system when dispensing finishes, transaction data is sent from the driver's smartphone straight to the cloud so the manager can view all the date and fuel usage in real-time. This saves you time and money of having to manually download reports at each unit.

Winner: B. SMART

Report Viewing

As we already mentioned, Piusi B. SMART uses web-based fuel management software, which allows fleet managers to view fuel reports wherever they are, from any mobile, tablet or PC with internet access. B.SMART's reports can be viewed on as many devices as you want, making monitoring fuel dispensing easier and faster as opposed to having to access the specified PC with the software installed.

Winner: B. SMART

B.SMART dispensing fuel

Number of Sites/Dispensers

With Piusi B.SMART the opportunities are limitless. Fleet managers can monitor an unlimited amount of sites in a single portal automatically without visiting each site, meaning that different sites’ data can easily be combined and compared. The Self Service Management can combine 16 dispensers' data but each different site would need visiting to manually download the data for comparison.

Winner: B. SMART

Number of drivers

This is an important point to consider when buying a fuel management system as it is linked back to the size of the fleet/company. With the B.SMART system, you can set up up to 450 drivers per dispenser, with unlimited drivers being able to be monitored in the software, making it an ideal solution for larger companies or those that have the potential to grow in the future. The 120 user maximum on the traditional systems make these better suited to smaller fleets.

Winner: B. SMART

8 points that prove Piusi B.SMART is a truly smart fuel management system

Ongoing fees

Neither systems have any ongoing fees, which is to be expected with the traditional Piusi Self Service Management 2018 software. However, the Piusi B.SMART is unlike any other cloud-based fuel management systems, which usually come with an annual charge for hosting the data! Having just a single upfront cost is a benefit of the system that we've already had great feedback on, as fleet managers need to only pay once and the software is theirs!

Winner: It is a tie!

Tank Levels

This is a brand new feature for Piusi fuel management systems that can be easily add on to the B.SMART software. With the Tank Watchdog bolt-on feature to the B.SMART online fuel management system, the manager can view live tank levels from the convenience of their desk, set up email alerts when a set low level is reached to prompt a fuel order or automate the pump to turn off. This feature is especially good in planning fuel purchases, monitoring fuel levels and protect the pump from dry running.

Winner: B. SMART

So there you go, 8 reasons proving that Piusi B.SMART is a truly smart Piusi fuel management system. The B.SMART will save fleet managers time and hassle by providing remote, real-time access to any fuel reports as well as monitor unlimited sites, no matter where they are. This makes the system a preferable choice for many fleet managers.

We've summarised the 8 main points of difference into a helpful infographic. Download, print off and read at a convenient time!

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