The Original Fuel Tank Alarm

The Tank Manufacturer's Choice

The CTS Tank Alarm was originally developed as a result of our in house knowledge, and soon enough it became a leading choice among tank manufacturers in the UK. Learn how our the multi-zone alarm became a trusted solution for tank manufacturers.

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Today's Full CTS Alarm Range

Expanding to Meet Market Requirements

If you’re involved in the fuel storage market you will be familiar with our CTS multi-zone tank alarm, but are you aware of the full range? In this article, we present to you our full range of tank level alarms and provide more information for each one.

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Industries & Applications

Not Just For Diesel...

If you’re looking for a solution to detect a high or low level on a fuel or light fluid tank, you’ll likely find a solution within our range. Learn more about our CTS tank alarms applications and how they can be installed on AdBlue, waste oil, chemical and water tanks.

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Are You a Tank Supplier or Engineer?

Exclusive Terms for Our Resale Customers

From a competitive trade pricing to credit terms and branding options, we work with you to ensure that the CTS alarm becomes your preferred level alert solution. We’re always happy to work with new national and international clients.

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Our Alarms, Your Branding

A personalised solution for customers with volume

Got volume requirements for tank level alarms? If yes, we can offer you our alarms branded with your logo so the products look like yours. This means that you can reinforce your brand name and ensure your customers know where to come in the future.

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Tank Alarm Brochure

Fancy a browse?

So you can have an easy to read downloadable document showcasing the full range of alarm models and the different probes for your fluid, we have uploaded an electronic version of the CTS Tank Alarm Brochure.

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Blog: Your Solution, Even Out of Ear Shot!

A remote tank level warning device

Where the tank is situated out of ear shot of those responsible, a remote tank level warning device is the answer. Read more about how you connect your existing tank alarm to a single channel option located elsewhere, using CTS alarm product range.

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