CTS Tank Alarms

As a supplier to tank manufacturers for 30+ years, the CTS tank alarm range is carefully designed using our expertise in the fuel storage market's requirements. Our multi-zone fuel tank alarm was the break through product, developed for diesel tanks to accurately detect and alert the user of the fuel reaching the set high or low level or of fluid in the bund. With cost effective single channel alarms since being developed, the CTS alarm range is now a leading solution amongst UK fuel, AdBlue and oil tank manufacturers, and is well recognised on tanks used in haulage, construction, agricultural and diesel generators.

The Original Fuel Tank Alarm

The Tank Manufacturer's Choice

The CTS Tank Alarm was originally developed as a result of our in house knowledge of the requirements of the fuel storage industry and was soon a leading choice among tank manufacturers in the UK. Learn how our breakthrough product the multi-zone alarm became a level alert solution that the tank manufacturers trust.

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Today's Full CTS Alarm Range

Expanding to Meet Market Requirements

If you’re involved in the fuel storage market you will be familiar with our industry known CTS multi-zone tank alarm, but are you aware of the full range? Today we also offer single zone models for when the user only wants to be alerted to one level and simple, economical options when budget is the main factor.

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Industries & Applications

Not Just For Diesel...

If you’re looking for a solution to detect a high or low level on a fuel or light fluid tank, you’ll likely find a solution within our range. Whilst originally designed for diesel refuelling and generator tanks, the level switches we have added over the years have seen the CTS alarms installed on AdBlue, waste oil, chemical and water tanks.

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Are You a Tank Supplier or Engineer?

Exclusive Terms for Our Resale Customers

If you’re a tank manufacturer, generator supplier or electrical engineer, then our core customer base for our CTS tank alarms is just like you. From a competitive trade pricing structure to credit terms and branding options, we work with you to ensure that the CTS alarm becomes your preferred level alert solution.

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Our Alarms, Your Branding

A personalised solution for customers with volume

Got volume requirements for tank level alarms? If yes, then we can offer you our alarms branded with your logo on. By having your name on the product, you can reinforce your name wherever you’ve sold or installed a tank alarm, and ensure your customers know where to come for others in the future.

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Tank Alarm Brochure

Fancy a browse?

So you can have an easy to read downloadable document showcasing the full range of alarm models and the different probes for your fluid, we have uploaded an electronic version of the CTS Tank Alarm Brochure. If you’re interested in reading more, click here to view or download a copy of the brochure.

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Blog: Your Solution, Even Out of Ear Shot!

A remote tank level warning device

In instances where the tank is situated out of ear shot of those responsible, a remote tank level warning device is the answer. Read how by connecting your existing tank alarm to a single channel option located elsewhere, the CTS alarm range offers a solution for this too!

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