Security and Privacy Policy


In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, any information which Centre Tank Services may obtain in relation to an order or enquiry will be held in confidence and not revealed to any third party. We have developed this privacy policy to inform you about what information this web site collects, who may receive that information, what we may do with the information, and how long we keep it. While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any further questions about it, feel free to contact us.

Your Information

We will not give out any information you submit on our site to any third parties except in compliance with a request of a law enforcement agency. Under no circumstances will your name, e-mail, phone number or address be sold to, or given to any other parties. We will never willfully sell, lease, or rent any of your or your business' personally identifiable information to any third party.

Collected Information

Users are required to give us contact information (e.g., your name and email address) and demographic information (e.g., your post code). Certain information, such as your email address, is collected in order to verify your identity and for use in our records. Information collected at this website is kept in our records only as long as is necessary to provide requested services to our customers. If you choose to pay by credit/debit card, you will make your payment through Sagepay, and we therefore do not hold any card details.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this site, please contact us.

Our Usage of Cookies

What are cookies and how do they work?

A cookie is a text file containing information that can be remembered by a web browser between pages. When an individual uses a web browser to access the internet their browser can create cookies which are stored on the user’s computer. Cookies are not programs and therefore cannot contain viruses or other malicious software. They are purely a string of text and numbers.

There are two main types of cookies - session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies only last during a single visit. When a user closes their web browser the session cookie information is automatically removed from their computer.

The CTS website uses session cookies for the following purposes:

Session cookies are set that temporarily store a unique identifier for each visitor to the website. This identifier is a random series of letters and numbers and doesn't contain any personal or identifiable information. It is used to help retrieve the user's shopping basket between page loads and enable the commerce element of the site. This cookie is essential for the functioning of the CTS website as without it customers would be unable to place items into the shopping basket.

Persistent cookies are stored by the user's web browser even when the web browser has been closed, so that the next time a user goes back to the website that originally set the cookie, the web site can read information back from the cookie.

Persistent cookies have an expiry date which controls when they are automatically deleted. This can be anything from a few minutes to several years.

CTS use persistent cookies for the following purposes:

Google Analytics is a system used by many website to record information about who visits a website. Google set five different cookies with expiry dates ranging from 1 day to 2 years. These cookies are used mainly to differentiate between first time visitors to a website and repeat visitors. They do not contain any personally identifiable information. You can find out more about how Google use cookies at (English only). Use of Google Analytics helps CTS to understand which pages are most useful or not useful enough for users and refine the site to better serve customers.

All cookies used by CTS are 'first party' cookies. This means that any cookie set on the CTS website can only be read back from the CTS website. No other website is able to read or access information from any cookie set by the CTS website. We do not use 'third party' cookies which would permit this sort of behaviour by other websites.

Controlling or deleting cookies

Depending on which web browser you use it is possible to control how cookies are used, or to delete existing cookies from your computer. You can find instructions on how to control the use of cookies, or delete cookies from your computer at (English only)

Please remember that if you delete or restrict cookies from the CTS website you may not be able to experience the full benefit of some of the features and services the website has to offer.