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Fuel storage tanks

Designed in-house using our specialist expertise, the CTS Tank Alarm range was originally developed for use in the fuel storage industry; to alert the user when the diesel tank contents reach a high level and is almost full, or when they reach a low level and fuel needs delivered. They can also be used to identify that the tank’s outer bund has fluid present with it, which could mean a leak in the inner tank or that rain water and debris has built up and needs removing.

The CTS diesel tank alarm is now a well-recognised and popular choice of level alert amongst fuel tank manufacturers and engineers, commonly installed on refuelling tanks used in the haulage, construction and agricultural markets.

Whilst commercial diesel refuelling tanks were the initial purpose for which the CTS tank level alarms were developed, the applications they are now used for are unlimited. Provided that the probe or level switch as it is otherwise referred to as, is compatible with the fluid in question, then the CTS alarm will be a suitable solution for alerting the user that the set level zone has been activated.

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Generator feed tanks

When used with our standard fuel probe, the CTS alarms are a popular solution for level alerts on generator diesel supply tanks as well as the refuelling tanks discussed above. Our multi-zone alarm with relays can be connected to control the pump operation on generator day tanks i.e. it turns on when the low level is reached and turns off once the tank contents reach the set high level.

A large UK telecom company and a global plant equipment manufacturer are amongst the companies that have chosen to install our alarm on their generator tanks.

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Water tanks

Using our special water probe, the CTS tank alarms have been installed on sites around the UK onto the water storage tanks of several utility companies and water providers. They can be used to alert the user of a high or low level status on water tanks depending upon the application at hand.

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Waste oil containers

Our range includes a high viscosity tank level probe as well as a probe specially designed for use on an oil drum. These level switches are commonly used alongside our single channel alarm on waste oil storage systems within garages, workshops and factories to alert the user when the tank/drum reaches the set high level, meaning that it is almost full and needs to be emptied.

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AdBlue™ tanks

With AdBlue™, a fluid used to reduce diesel vehicle emissions in line with European Emission Standards, now being commonly stored in tanks, the use of the CTS alarm for level alerts on AdBlue™ storage tanks was a natural progression. We now have a complete range of AdBlue™ tank alarms.

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Chemical storage

Using our alarms in conjunction with our PVC probe option, we offer a high or low level alarm solution for chemical storage tanks. As always, when dealing with chemicals the material compatibility of the level switch must be considered to ensure it is suitable for the exact chemical composition you are handling.

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