Case File: Piusi BP3000 12v Pump

We want to introduce to you our new case file, examining our most popular 24v and 12v diesel transfer pumps.

We want to introduce to you our new case file, examining our most popular 24v and 12v diesel transfer pumps. Introduced on the market in 1993 by the leading Italian manufacturer Piusi, BP3000 is a high-quality battery powered solution that has been developed and improved through the years to become one of the industry's most preferable DC portable fuel transfer pumps. But what has made this product so popular and what makes it stand out in the market?

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Key Specs

  • Power: 12v and 24v
  • Flow Rate: 50ltr Per Min
  • Port Size: 3/4"
  • Duty cycle: 30min
  • Country of Origin: Italy
Piusi pumps

The history of Piusi BP3000

Piusi originally introduced the Bypass 2000 to the market in 1993. The 12v fuel transfer pump quickly became a popular portable solution for off-road refuelling applications where mains power is unavailable. As it started being installed by OEMs directly on-board excavators and other off-road vehicles, Piusi decided to industrialise the design further. And in 2010 - the BP3000 was brought to the market, ensuring that their solution passed stringent and complex OEM quality checks including vibration tests.

The original design of the new battery powered diesel transfer pump was with vertical ports for flexibility in adding different hose connections. However, after customer feedback, Piusi developed a version of BP3000 with horizontal ports to match the previous Bypass 2000. This allowed it to be a like for like replacement in installations using the old BP2000. And today we can offer both versions to match your and your customers' preference and needs.

Key dates in the product history

1993 - Original Bypass 2000 portable diesel transfer pump was introduced

2010 – Pump was redesigned, and BP3000 was launched with vertical ports

2012 – Horizontal port version was introduced to be a drop fit for installations using the old BP2000

The Technicalities Behind the 12 volt Diesel Transfer Pump Transformation…

Piusi pump

When the pump was redesigned, there were some technical feature changes to industrialise it's design even further. So, without further ado, here are some of the main technical features of the Piusi BP3000 that make it the robust, durable solution it is:

  • Able to handle excessive vibrations common on off-road machinery
  • Heavy-duty brush holder design
  • New rotor design
  • Acetal resin vanes for greater power and precision
  • Increased efficiency for the motor
  • Switch box can have 4 orientation position for installation flexibility and has an o-ring seal
  • Motor wires are rubber sealed into the end cap
  • The support bracket is fixed at front and rear of a pump with tight tolerances and can be rotated to all 4 positions for ease of install
  • Switch sealing area is larger
  • Easier to access bypass valve
  • Industrialised windings to cope with the amperage that the pump requires

Where is the Piusi BP3000 used?


Piusi has designed a high-quality range of fuel dispensing products with the off-road industry in mind to meet the demand for daily portable refuelling in the construction, mining and agriculture industries. Thanks to its 12v/24v battery power, the BP3000 mobile diesel pump is a great example of such a product that perfectly suits this application where remote use is a given. Today it is commonly installed by OEMs on bowsers and portable tanks, and on-board leading brand excavators.

Common industries using Piusi BP3000:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Quarries/Mining

Product Variations

The Piusi BP3000 is available in different variations which makes it ideal solution for various applications. All the product variations are available as 12 volt and 24 volt fuel transfer pump to match customer needs.

BP300 pump range

1. Piusi BP3000 Diesel Transfer Pump

The pump itself is available with vertical push fit and horizontal push-fit and BSP threaded ports. It can be mounted in various positions and has a range of optional accessories allowing a number of connection configurations.

2. Piusi BP3000 Portable Diesel Transfer Pump

This variation of BP3000 is in the form of a handy solution, perfect for mobile dispensing or general battery-powered refuelling where there is no mains power. It is easy to carry, and it comes with carry handle, cable and clips for an easy connection to the vehicle's battery.

3. Piusi Battery Kit Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kit

This battery kit is the Piusi BP3000 as part of a ready to dispense kit complete with cable and clips for connection to the battery of the vehicle, carry handle, manual nozzle, suction/delivery hose and strainer. This kit is very popular in both agricultural and construction markets for refuelling plant machinery, tractors and other vehicles.

4. Piusibox Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kit

The Piusibox include BP3000, manual nozzle, delivery hose and suction hoses with a locking foot valve in a handy and practical box that is easy to carry. It is designed to protect the battery-powered fuel transfer pump from the dirt and prevent fuel contamination. The best part is that all the equipment comes assembled for user convenience.

!Interesting Fact!

Did you know that Piusi BP3000 is one of our largest selling products?

With all the different variations available, this portable fuel transfer pump is one of our hero products, largely due to its versatility in terms of applications it is suitable for.

The UK Official Agent

Official UK agent

Centre Tank Services is the official and only UK agent and distributor of Piusi. As the only importer of their products in the UK, we have been supplying BP3000 exclusively to the trade and OEMs since its launch.

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