Piusi SB325_X Automatic AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter

45ltrs Per Min (Auto)

Piusi SB325_X Automatic AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter

Piusi SB325_X AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter & Breakaway Spout

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  • Air
  • Antifreeze
  • Any
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About the product

The Piusi SB325_X AdBlue™ Nozzle is a lightweight, plastic automatic nozzle with a stainless steel breakaway spout for use with AdBlue pump systems. The breakaway spout mechanism ensures that if the vehicle accidently drives away leaving the nozzle still in the vehicle's fill point, the spout will detach from the body of the nozzle. This means that damage will be limited to the spout only which can be replaced as a spare part, and the AdBlue pump system on the storage tank will not be pulled away with the force. Thanks to the integrated digital turbine flow meter, this AdBlue™ nozzle has the added functionality for the user to conveniently view how much fluid has been dispensed into the vehicle.

Made from lightweight plastic but with a sturdy stainless steel spout, this Piusi nozzle is a cost effective alternative to the completely stainless steel automatic AdBlue™ nozzles previously only available on the market. Like these more expensive models, it still reliably shuts off dispensing when the AdBlue tank becomes full to prevent any overspill.

There is also a version of the SB325_X with added magnetic miss-filling spout to prevent AdBlue from being put in the diesel tank. This ensures that the AdBlue™ dispensing nozzle can only release fluid into a fill point that has a partnering magnetic adaptor fitted into it. By having magnetic adaptor fitted in the AdBlue™ fill point only, the AdBlue™ nozzle is unable to dispense into the diesel tank. View the SB325 AdBlue magnetic nozzle here.

Please note: Only for use with AdBlue pumps - not suitable for gravity fed installations.

Features of the Piusi SB325_X Automatic AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter:

  • Automatic AdBlue™ nozzle
  • Breakaway spout mechanism
  • Incorporated digital turbine flow meter
  • Maximum flow rate: 35ltr Per Min
  • Suitable for urea, water and chemicals
  • Supplied with 3/4" plastic hose barb
  • Fluid viscosity up to 6cSt
  • Removable 3 position stay open latch
  • Replacement spouts available
Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product Models and Features

F00617010Piusi SB325_X Automatic AdBlue Nozzle c/w Flow Meter & Breakaway Spout

Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 45

Max Pressure (Bar) - 3.5

Spout OD (mm) - 19

Inlet - 3/4" Plastic Hose Barb

Integrated Digital Turbine Flow Meter

Urea, Water and Chemicals

£410.90 ex. VAT

Product Accessories


Standard Replacement Spout

Standard spout designed as a replacement for when the breakaway mechanism has occurred.

£34.30 ex. VAT

Magnetic Miss-Filling Replacement Spout

Prevents the miss-filling of AdBlue into a diesel tank by only releasing fluid into a vehicle tank that has a magnetic adaptor.

£72.80 ex. VAT

Elafix 40 AdBlue™ Magnetic Tank Adaptor

19mm OD

Compatible to ISO22241-3

Working Temp: -20°C to +85°C

Weight: 65g

For use with AdBlue magnetic nozzles

£45.45 ex. VAT

Nozzle Override Magnetic Adaptor

Fits over a magnetic spout to allow it to dispense when not in contact with a vehicle tank magnetic adaptor e.g. when filling a smaller container or if you have some vehicles with a tank adaptor and some without.

£28.75 ex. VAT

Nozzle Magnetic Adaptor + Spout

Kit combination of the magnetic miss-filling spout and the nozzle magnetic adaptor.

£129.10 ex. VAT

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I have the standard SB325 nozzle but now want to ensure I can prevent miss-filling, what do I need to buy?

The beauty of this nozzle is its detachable spout. This means that all you need to do in regards to the nozzle is s swap the standard spout you already have, with the magnetic AdBlue nozzle spout that you can find in the accessories table.

The second thing you need to do is double check whether your vehicles have the magnetic collar fitted. Newly manufactured vehicles which use AdBlue™ should have had a AdBlue™ tank magnet fitted at the manufacturing stage, but the easiest thing to do is to hold something magnetic next to the AdBlue™ filler neck and if see you feel a magnetic pull. If there isn’t a magnetic pull, you will need to fit a Elafix AdBlue™ magnetic tank adaptor to reap the benefits of the magnetic AdBlue™ nozzle. See accessories table.

Can I just use a diesel nozzle to refill my vehicle with AdBlue?

No! You should strictly only ever use equipment designed for use with AdBlue, as these will be constructed of compatible materials such as stainless steel and polypropylene. AdBlue will cause many materials to corrode e.g. cast iron, which most fuel nozzles are manufactured of. This will not only cause your nozzle to fail but will also contaminate the AdBlue which must be kept completely pure to ensure there is no damage to the vehicle’s SCR system.

Can I use this nozzle with a gravity hose kit?

Only manual nozzles can be used within gravity fed installations, as the back pressure required for an automatic nozzle to open (1 bar) is unlikely to ever be achieved under gravity conditions. For this reason, gravity hose kits are always supplied with manual nozzles.

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