Piusi K24 Aluminium Fuel Flow Meter

Digital (7-120ltr Per Min)



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About the product

The Piusi K24 Aluminium Fuel Flow Meter is a digital turbine meter designed for accurately measuring the quantity of diesel dispensed. The K24 fuel counter meter benefits from a compact yet clear digital display, which can be rotated in four ways as well as being able to be installed inline or by the delivery nozzle for the user’s easiest reading. Watch this video for how to rotate the display of the Piusi K24.

Made by Italian manufacturer Piusi, this diesel flow meter has a robustly constructed aluminium body built take more stress than the plastic Piusi K24 alternative, and is bi-directional allowing the flow to be counted either way. The K24 diesel fuel flow meter is a cost-effective option, particularly popular for use within portable diesel dispensing applications thanks to its compact and lightweight nature. Thanks to its low minimum flow rate, the Piusi K24 flow meter is suitable for gravity as well as pump installations.

If you need an ATEX version, we offer Piusi K24 ATEX, suitable for the transfer of flammable liquids, as well as for use within potentially explosive environments.

Please note: If being used with HVO, the meter should be re-calibrated based on it's SG of 0.78 (diesel is 0.84).

Features of the Piusi K24 Aluminium Fuel Flow Meter:

  • Digital turbine fuel flow meter
  • Flow rate: 7-120ltr Per Min
  • Face can be rotated 4 ways for easy reading
  • Bi-directional for counting either way
  • Flow rate indication
  • 1” F BSP Inlet / 1” M BSP Outlet
  • LCD electronic display (2 x AAA batteries)
  • Accuracy +/-1% after calibration
  • Working temperature -10°c/+50°c
  • 5 digit partial and 6 digit totaliser
  • For pump and gravity systems
  • Suitable for diesel
Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product Models and Features

F00408100Piusi K24 Aluminium Fuel Flow Meter

Max Flow (lpm) - 120

Fluid Viscosity: 2-5.35 cSt

Max Fluid Temperature - +50ºc

1" M BSP Inlet

1” F BSP Outlet

5 digit partial totaliser

6 digit totaliser

IP Rating: IP65

£230.85 ex. VAT

Can the Piusi K24 meter be used in a gravity fed installation?

As well as being suitable for the pumping system, the Piusi K24 meter can be also used in gravity-fed systems. The K24 flow meter is easy to install on the gravity-fed installation and provide a metering accuracy of +/- 1%. In case metering turns out inaccurate, the Pisui K24 can be calibrated to ensure maximum precision.

My installation does not flow left to right, can I still use the Piusi K24 flow meter?

The Piusi K24 fuel flow meter is supplied as standard flowing left to right; however, the face can easily be rotated 90⁰. This will allow you to install the Piusi K24 with the flow from any four directions. For how to do this, watch our video here or revert to the instruction manual which can be found in the downloads tab.

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