CTS Fuel Recirculation Unit

Particle & Water Filter, 230v

CTS Fuel Recirculation Unit



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About the product

The CTS Fuel Recirculation Unit is designed to be installed to prevent diesel fuel inside a storage tank from getting stagnant - particularly those with low usage such as generator back up tanks, that whilst not regularly used are of vital importance. By keeping the fuel free of contaminants and bugs, costly damage and downtime to equipment and vehicles is avoided. 

The fuel storage tank filtration system draws the fuel up from the front of the tank through the magnetic conditioner, keeping any bacteria microbes dormant, and then through a two stage water and particle filtration process to remove any impurities before circulating back into the tank.

The CTS storage tank recirc unit has an input for connecting to an alarm/gauge to detect a low fuel level and a leak probe for a drip tray (if installed). Benefiting from a control panel with large, coloured lights, any issues that need to be dealt with i.e. filter blocked, low fuel level, a leak or a system fault can be easily diagnosed. If the system identifies any of the above issues, the pump will turn off until necessary action has been taken as a safeguard. Complete with two BMS outputs, the control panel can also send a signal of this to warn users remotely.

There are two versions of CTS Fuel Tank Recirculation System; one for circulating (50lpm) a maximum of 3000 litres per day for tanks up to 40,000 litres, and another for circulating (70lpm) a maximum of 4000 litres per day for tanks up to 70,000 litres. Tank contents should be recirculated every 28 days to prevent bacteria colonies from forming. Our systems are set to turn over 1.5 times the tank contents every 28 days to include a safety margin.

Features of the CTS Fuel Tank Conditioner:

  • Italian manufactured Piusi Panther Pump
  • Purafiner magnetic fuel conditioner
  • 30 micron water & 5 micron particle filter
  • Timer to control the periods that the fuel is circulated
  • Flow switch to detect filter block and turn off pump
  • IP55 control panel to alert of filter block, low level/leak/fault
  • Input for connecting to low level alarm/gauge or leak probe
  • 2 x BMS outputs for remote warning of above statuses
  • Mushroom style emergency stop button
  • Versions for circulating up to 40,000l & 70,000l tanks
  • Suitable for diesel
  • 230v

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
(ex. VAT)
CTS1033 Fuel Tank Recirculation Unit - Tanks up to 40,000l 230v
Up to 3000 litres per day
For tanks up to 40,000 litres
Panther 56 pump
Fuel conditioner
30 micron water filter
5 micron particle filter
Suitable for diesel
CTS1048 Fuel Tank Recirculation Unit - Tanks up to 70,000l 230v
Up to 4000 litres per day
For tanks up to 70,000 litres
Panther 72 pump
Fuel conditioner
30 micron water filter
5 micron particle filter
Suitable for diesel

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
(ex. VAT)
F00611040 Spare 30 micron Water/Particle Element
F00611030 Spare 5 micron Particle Element
F0075510D 230v Ocio Tank Level Gauge
SWS2001 Mains Multi Zone Alarm c/w Relays
SWS1035 Single Fuel Probe – for leak detection if drip tray is installed