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In-house designed products from CTS.

About the product

Our inhouse designed CTS Fuel Conditioning Unit improves the quality of stored fuel for storage tanks containing up to 40,000 litres of fuel. When diesel fuel isn't used whilst being stored for long periods of time, a microbial growth called diesel bug grows, from water content found in the fuel. The CTS Fuel Conditioning Unit keeps the diesel free of the contaminants that can cause costly damage and downtime to machinery and vehicles after refuelling.

The fuel conditioning unit is engineered to obtain a target multi-pass ISO 14/13/11 level, with laboratory tests showing water content removal to under 60ppm. The unit comes with a Piusi Panther 56 pump, two Cim-Tek Ultimate Defence particle and water filters, and a magnetic fuel conditioner to break up diesel bug sludge that forms when water enters and contaminates the diesel fuel.

There is a PLC control unit with a touch screen display for clear visual warnings of fuel filter degradation and blocks, the time until the next run cycle, an event and alarm log, and flow trends for filter life expectancy. The fuel conditioner has an input for an fuel tank alarm or gauge and leak probe to detect a low level and leak, where if activated, the fuel pump will turn off until the issue is resolved, as well as two passive BMS outputs for remote warning of fuel filter block and low level/leak to alert the user that they need to take action.

The system run times are automatically set based upon the fuel tank size and run between 9am-5pm, Mon to Fri to ensure 1.5 x tank per month. Branding and customised QR codes are available for the replacement filter elements.

Features of the CTS Fuel Conditioning Unit:

  • Two stage water and particle filtration - 10 micron & 2 micron
  • Engineer mode to prevent tampering
  • Manual control mode to enable priming of the system
  • Italian manufactured Piusi Panther 56 Pump
  • Suitable for diesel and HVO fuel
  • 230v
  • For tanks up to 40000 litres
  • Branding options available
  • Mushroom style emergency stop button
  • Max turnover per day 3000l
  • Water content removal to under 60ppm
  • IP55 control panel to alert of filter block, low level/leak/fault
  • 2 x BMS outputs for remote warning of above

Product Models and Features

CTS1080CTS Fuel Conditioning Unit


Max turnover per day 3000l

For tanks up to 40,000 litres

Panther 56 pump

Fuel conditioner

10 micron water filter

2 micron particle filter

Suitable for diesel and HVO

£3,580.55 ex. VAT

Product Accessories


Cim Tek 70024 Fuel Filter Element Only

10 Micron Particle and Water Filter

Application - Pump

Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 100

£133.30 ex. VAT

Cim Tek 70037 Fuel Filter Element Only

2 Micron Particle and Water Filter

Application - Pump

Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 100

1½"-16 F UN

£162.25 ex. VAT

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Why are less frequently used tanks more at risk of bugs in fuel?

Due to the increasing level of bio-content in today's diesel, small quantities of water will be present in any fuel tank. However, in a tank that is used regularly, the fuel is naturally circulated meaning that the contaminants can be dealt with by conventional filters.

However, for tanks used less frequently, the same fuel sits stagnant for long periods of time and the bugs begin to grow, multiply and join together to create a nasty sludge. It is this “biofilm” that can block filters, damage pumps and get sucked into machinery causing equipment failure, downtime and costly repairs. Research shows the bugs in fuel begin to form colonies in around 28 days.

How do Cim-Tek fuel filters work?

Cim-Tek Fuel Filters remove rust, sand, dirt, scale, and other particles from fuels including diesel and biodiesel blends up to 20%. Cim-Tek filters are designed for above-ground fuel storage and transfer tanks, including gravity flow applications.

How long should a fuel filter last before I need to replace the element?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question as it all depends on the level of contamination in your fuel. The dirtier the fuel in your tank, the quicker the filter will get full. We advise that you always have a spare filter element on-site so that you experience no downtime if your filter is full and blocks.

If you’re experiencing your filter elements blocking a lot quicker than usual, then this may be down to changes in the bio content of diesel. Read our article to find out more.

Can the fuel recirculation unit be retrofitted to an existing fuel tank?

Recirculation units are most commonly installed at tank manufacturer stage due to the pipework required to fit it. There is no reason however why it cannot be retrofitted to an existing tank if the installer fits the required drop pipes at the front and back of the tank, ensuring complete circulation of the contents.

We do advise that if it is installed onto an existing tank, the contents first undergo a fuel polishing process, as there is a chance that the biofilm that the recirculation unit works to prevent may already have been formed.

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