Particle Filters

Fuel tank filters to separate debris from fuel

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The presence of debris and particles in your fuel can have a serious impact on the workings of your vehicle, leading to expensive down time and maintenance costs. In order to prevent such an issue, you should install a fuel tank filter on your dispensing system. Our particle filter range includes a variety of micron ratings depending upon your requirements or the size of the particles your manufacturer’s warranty states you must remove. We offer Piusi, Cim-Tek, Goldenrod and Donaldson fuel storage tank filters, as well as replacement elements for when your filter is full.

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Piusi Fuel Tank Filter 100lpm Element


Piusi Particle Fuel Filter Element
100 Ltrs Per Min (10 micron)

£21.20 ex. VAT

GoldenRod Bio Fuel Filter Element


£22.15 ex. VAT

Cim-Tek Bowser Fuel Filter


Cim-Tek 70345 Microglass Bowser Fuel Filter
150 Ltrs Per Min (14 mircon)

£76.30 ex. VAT

Cim-Tek Particle Pump Fuel Filter


Cim-Tek 70010 Fuel Pump Filter
50 Ltrs Per Min (10µ)

£15.90 ex. VAT

Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter


Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter
Particle (180 micron)

£337.60 ex. VAT