Push Button Oil Tank Sight Level Gauge

For bottom outlet tanks

Push Button Oil Tank Sight Level Gauge

Push Button Oil Tank Gauge

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About the product

The Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge is a traditional, economical model of heating oil tank gauge, primarily installed on domestic tanks. It works via a simple push to read button, which when pressed, the oil tank level indicator provides the user with an immediate visual indication of the tank’s contents. This oil tank level gauge is constructed of a quality, corrosion resistant zinc plated brass and is suitable for use on both steel and plastic bottom outlet fuel tanks. A user friendly benefit of this fuel tank gauge is that it remains isolated when the button is released.

Features of the Push Button Oil Tank Sight Level Gauge:

  • Bottom outlet oil tank gauge
  • Corrosion resistant zinc plated brass body
  • ½” M BSP inlet
  • Available in 4ft & 6ft

Product Models and Features

PB1204Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge 4ft x 1⁄2"

Tank Height (ft/mm): 4'0/1219

Inlet: 1/2" M BSP

Outlet: 1/2" F BSP

Tube Support: Aluminium

Tubing: PVC

£37.40 ex. VAT
PB1206Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge 6ft x 1⁄2"

Tank Height (ft/mm): 6'0/1828

Inlet: 1/2" M BSP

Outlet: 1/2" F BSP

Tube Support: Aluminium

Tubing: PVC

£42.10 ex. VAT

Product Accessories


Threaded Connector 1" M BSPT x 1⁄2" F BSP - Aluminium 90mm

£5.45 ex. VAT

Oil Tank Sight Gauge PVC Tubing 30mtr Coil

£47.70 ex. VAT

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How does this heating oil tank gauge work?

The oil tank sight gauge works using the gravity effect on fluids to give visual representation of the tank level. This heating oil tank gauge uses either a push or pull to read button or handle to only open the valve until the fluid level has settled. When you let go of the button or handle it goes back to a closed position. This means that next time a level needs to be taken the button or handle needs to be activated again. However, when checking the heating oil thank level the sight gauge valve has to be naturally closed to ensure against leaks in case the tube is damaged.

Can I use an oil tank sight gauge on a plastic heating oil tank?

The simple answer is yes you can. When installing the oil tank sight gauge on a plastic tank that has a recessed outlet point you will have to fit an extension before the sight gauge to bring the tube flush with the outside of the tank, so it doesn’t bend around the outside of the tank.

What is the difference between push button and royal oil tank sight gauge?

Both oil tank sight gauges, use a similar principle of measuring the tank level but the Royal model is more advanced thanks to its additional features. It comes with an integrated mesh filter and an isolation valve so the gauge can be serviced without draining the tank.

How accurate are oil tank sight gauges?

This oil tank sight gauge/ oil tank float gauge is cost effective and provide a good ideation of the content levels, but it is not as accurate as some of the more sophisticated tank gauges. If a higher level of accuracy is desired you might need to consider some of our more advanced models such as Unitel gauge suitable for both diesel fuel and oil heating, Piusi Ocio fuel tank gauge perfect solution for diesel and Apollo oil heating tank gauge for heating oil.

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