Fuel Nozzles & Grease Guns

Gravity and fuel pump nozzles for dispensing

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Our extensive fuel nozzle range provides solutions for the dispensing of diesel, petrol, oil, AdBlue™ and grease. When selecting a fuel dispensing nozzle you need to decide whether you require an automatic or manual model. An automatic fuel pump nozzle shuts off when the vehicle being refuelled becomes full, preventing further fuel from being dispensed and an overfill from occurring. Whereas a manual refuelling nozzle is a cheaper solution when the user is not too concerned with automatic shut off, and is popular within the agricultural and plant market.

Also included in our range are high flow fuel nozzles specially designed for refuelling larger vehicles and machinery and models with in built flow meters for identifying the amount of fluid dispensed. It should also be noted that whilst some fuel dispensing nozzles work on both gravity and pump installations, there are specially identified fuel pump nozzles and gravity fed nozzles.

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Greaster Dispensing Nozzle


Piusi Greaster Dispensing Nozzle
Grease (Nozzle Meter)

£481.55 ex. VAT

Piusi Grease Control Nozzle


Piusi Grease Control Nozzle
Grease (Manual)

£40.40 ex. VAT

Annex Grease Gun


Annex Side Lever Grease Gun
Grease (Manual)

£14.95 ex. VAT

Husky Wine & Whiskey Auto Nozzle

Husky Wine and Whiskey Auto Nozzle
53ltrs Per Min (Auto)

£1,713.10 ex. VAT

Piusi Universal Fuel Nozzle Holster


Piusi Fuel Dispensing Nozzle Holster
For use with fuel nozzles

£25.90 ex. VAT

Piusi Fuel Nozzle Support


Piusi Fuel Dispensing Nozzle Support
For use with fuel nozzles

£14.90 ex. VAT

Elafix 40 Magnetic Vehicle Tank Adaptor


Elafix 40 AdBlue Magnetic Adaptor
Use with Magnetic AdBlue Nozzle

£37.90 ex. VAT

Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle c/w Breakaway Spout


£222.00 ex. VAT

Piusi SB325_X AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter & Breakaway Spout


£369.05 ex. VAT