Husky 1GS Heavy Duty Automatic Diesel Nozzle

100ltrs Per Min (Auto)

Husky 1GS Heavy Duty Automatic Diesel Nozzle

1GS Husky Nozzle

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About the product

The Husky 1GS Diesel Nozzle is the most popular automatic shut off version within the Husky nozzle offering. With its higher flow rate, it is designed for the clean and quick refuelling of vehicles with larger tanks, as well as agricultural and plant machinery. One of the key benefits of the Husky diesel nozzle range is its replaceable spout. In the event of the user dropping the nozzle and damaging the spout, this alone can be replaced rather than having to buy an entire new nozzle, making it ideal for heavy duty site applications.

Like the other Husky fuel nozzles, the 1GS has an integrated device known as the Flo-stop®, which shuts off the fuel flow when the spout is raised above the horizontal or falls out the tank. This durable Husky nozzle is fully constructed of aluminium and has the great design feature of the sensing port being positioned behind the spout end. This means that even after excessive use it does not get worn; the most common cause of nuisance click offs.

Another added benefit of this auto shut off fuel nozzle is its anti-air lock feature. This allows for the simple and easy priming of the pump without having to remove the fuel pump nozzle from the end of the hose.

Features of the Husky 1GS Heavy Duty Automatic Diesel Nozzle:

  • Automatic fuel pump nozzle
  • Maximum flow rate: 100ltrs Per Min
  • Inlet: 1” F BSP
  • Patented Flo-stop® device
  • Durable die cast aluminium body with full scuff guard
  • Sensing port behind spout to prevent click offs
  • Anti-air lock feature for easy priming of pump
  • Integrated hook for hanging nozzle without a holster
  • For pumping systems only
  • Replacement spout kits available for serviceability

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Product Models and Features

HU-696238-041GS Husky Diesel Nozzle

Max Flow Rate (lpm) – 100

Max Pressure (bar) – 3.5

Spout OD (mm) – 28.57

Inlet – 1” F BSP



£202.35 ex. VAT
HU-696238-04-SW1GS Husky Diesel Nozzle - Swivel

Max Flow Rate (lpm) – 100

Max Pressure (bar) – 3.5

Spout OD (mm) – 28.57

Inlet – 1” BSP Swivel



£224.55 ex. VAT

Product Accessories


Stream Shaper LDD Spout Assembly

£57.50 ex. VAT

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What applications is this Husky fuel nozzle suitable for?

The Husky 1GS fuel dispensing nozzle has a higher flow rate making it an ideal solution for clean and quick refuelling. This Husky fuel nozzle is one of the most popular automatic models in the product range design for refuelling vehicles with larger tanks, as well as agricultural and plant machinery. The diesel nozzle is suitable only for dispensing diesel fuel for private refuelling in non-resale refuelling environment.

What is the benefit of the flo-stop device?

This Husky fuel nozzle benefits from having the flo-stop device that is installed just after the spot. This function provides automating shuts off when the spout is raised above the horizontal or falls from the fill tank. The flo-stop device can help you prevent any spillages and loss of fuel that might happen when using a standard automatic fuel nozzle.

What is the benefit of the stream shaper function?

The fuel nozzle has installed Patented Stream Shaper® function that is placed behind the reinforced spout bushing. This specific function aims to reduce turbulence and velocity and provide straighter fuel flow and less splash back spillage.

What other features make the Husky nozzles higher spec?

The Husky 1GS nozzle benefits from numerous features aiming to provide quick and clean fuel dispensing that other nozzles do not have. This fuel dispensing nozzle has reinforced spout bushing that can remain unworn even after excessive use and the sensing port behind the spout prevents nuisance click offs and splashback. This Husky fuel nozzle has increased pressure closing poppet that prevents leakage and spillage when more pressure is applied e.g. someone stands on the hose. Some of the other benefits include loss motion latch pin, delrin tipped stem, torsion clip spring, three positions hold open clip, full metal handguard and anti-air lock feature. For more information read our Husky product guide here.

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