Agriculture merchant saves costly downtime with Aquafighter!

Whilst other water absorbers only remove the free water layer from the fuel, Aquafighteris "not just a tank dryer". Aquafighter eliminates free, bound and emulsified water, preventing any issues caused by water contamination andleaving the fuel bright and clear.

Case Study Information

  • Date: May 2021
  • Customer: Fife Tractors
  • Industry: Agricultural Engineering


Aquafighter case study

We received an enquiry from a UK based agricultural engineering company who sell and fix machinery and parts. After receiving one of our Aquafighter mailings, they immediately recognised that the product range could provide a solution to their customers who experience problematic water levels within their fuel. One of their customers, in particular, had recently had extensive issues with downtime and repairs on their fleet of tractors after they had refuelled them with water contaminated fuel from their bulk storage tank.

The customer had previously been draining the free water from the tractors fuel tank, then using a fuel additive to deal with any side effects caused by water contamination. However, this was only a half solution because the water was reappearing in the fuel and still causing problems. As they searched for a complete solution for their water contamination problem, they were very interested in learning more about Auqfighter and seeing how it can help them fight water contamination. This is where their enquiry for Aquafighter,an absorber that unlike other solutions deals with the bound water which is stuck to the fuel molecules and can't be drained, came from.



By recognising that they had a requirement for Aquafighter, Fife Tractors enquired about two sizes; the Snake and the Medium Canvas. The Snake is being used inside the fuel tanks on the customer's machinery and on fuel bowsers where water contamination is suspected, whereas the Medium Canvas is being used on the main fuel storage tank, which is used to refuel the machinery.

The key with Aquafighter is that it deals with the root cause – it doesn’t wait for the water to become an issue; it removes the bound water before it drops out as free water and creates the nasty sludge that causes breakdowns, expensive machinery damage and downtime. By doing this, the Aquafighter fuel tank water absorber provides numerous benefits, including preventing diesel bug from forming, reducing filter replacements and the need for tank cleaning and protecting the tank from corrosion.

Our customer has said 'so far so good in terms of its impact on the water in their fuel, so we are now offering it to other customers with the same issues.

John Brown

Director, Fife Tractors

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