Travelstar having full control over their fleet with B. SMART

From real time refuelling transaction reports to remotely controlling the fuel use of their fleet. Learn how Travelstar European optimise their fleet by monitoring fuel use with Piusi B.SMART and why they chose this fuel management system.

Case Study Information

  • Date: Nov 2022
  • End User: Travelstar European
  • Industry: Transport Company


We received a fuel management enquiry for the end user being Travelstar; a UK based transport company that has a fleet of over 40 vehicles. The transport company mainly hires out their vehicles to travel companies and works alongside some of the biggest Tour Operators in the UK, as well as private organisations. As their business was expanding and they were working predominantly with agency drivers, they wanted to have full control over their fleet and monitor fuel usage.

Piusi B.SMART in use

They were currently using two fuel dispensing pumps for refuelling the vehicles, and they were happy with their refuelling system as it was in good condition and worked effectively. However, they were worried that the current system was not secure and manually keeping track of the dispensed fuel was time-consuming and hard to monitor. The coach depot had never used a fuel management system before, but they were now realising the great benefits of a retrofit system would have, especially with their growing number of agency drivers.

Therefore, they started searching for a cost-effective, high-quality solution that would allow them to monitor fuel usage in real time – which led them to us. Based on further discussions, we identified that Travelstar wanted to be able to view up-to-date refuelling transaction reports by date, the quantity of fuel taken, along with driver, vehicle and dispenser details. The coach depot also wanted to remotely control who can dispense the fuel by adding and removing driver access to the pump.


Piusi B.SMART MC Box

Given the end user's main concerns and the importance of monitoring the fuel use in real time, we specified two MC Box B.SMART Fuel Management Systems to be retrofitted to the current diesel refuelling pump kits. Since the transport company had never used a fuel management system before, they were interested in learning more about the Piusi B.SMART and seeing how it could help them secure their fuel tank before committing. To help them fully understand the Piusi fuel management system, we got one of our technical experts to go through the installation process to make sure that what we had specified, matched exactly what they needed.

After considering all the technical advice and understanding fully how the B.SMART cloud based fuel management system works, Travelstar decided to place the order for two MC Box B.SMART units. The customer needed help installing the fuel monitoring system, so we sent one of our engineers out to the site to help install it once the order was dispatched. Our engineer was able to successfully retrofit the B.SMART management systems onto the wall next to the dispensing units, as per the customers request, and set up the system, so the coach depot could start using it straight away. Whilst on-site, our engineer was also able to train Travelstar's employees on how to use the Piusi B.SMART online portal and the mobile app.

When it comes to selecting the right fuel management system for your fleet, our team of technical experts and highly experienced sales representatives are always happy to help and answer all of your questions. From selecting the right fuel monitoring system for your application to providing technical advice, going through the installation process and giving free after-sales support when needed. As the Official UK agent of Piusi, our team have extensive product knowledge, so there's not much they can't answer!

Speaking with Travel Star European, they fed back that they had excellent experience dealing with us and they felt confident choosing B.SMART as a fuel management system as it provided them with the security level they needed.

Travelstar European

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