Helping a fuel supplier to offer great after-sales support

With more than 30 years of product experience, there isn't much our technical team can't answer. Our after-sale support means that any issues can be solved quickly. This case study demonstrates how we can help your customers, and you can still take the credit!

Case Study Information

  • Date: Dec 2018
  • Customer: Fuel Supplier
  • End User: Waste Removal Company


Piusi Cube 70 MCs

We received a call from one of our regular customers who deliver commercial and agricultural fuel, as well as any ancillary tank equipment their customer requires. Their customer was experiencing problems dispensing diesel on site, and as the pumping equipment on the tank was one of our Piusi Cube 70 MCs, they wanted to use our expertise to establish what was wrong.

Our customer was desperate to get it sorted quickly as the end user’s business relied on their waste removal trucks running. With the whole fleet using diesel, every day they couldn't refuel onsite was another day with the added cost of paying retail prices at the forecourt.

To save our customer going back and forth, one of our technical team called the site contact on their behalf to troubleshoot the issue. After establishing there was power and fuel in the tank, and listening to the pump operate over the phone, it was deduced that it was just the filter was full and needed to be replaced.


As the contact on site wasn’t confident changing the filter himself, he requested for one of our engineers to attend. Due to the urgency of the job we sent an engineer out the next morning, where he replaced the element and gave the unit a general service.

As replacing filters is general pump maintenance, our engineer showed the site foreman how to do it. The site now carries spares so they can be immediately changed in the future to prevent any downtime. Our customer told us that the next day their customer called to thank them for their service as they were back up and running after only one day without fuel.

As the UK agent of Piusi pumps, our team live and breath their workings, so there's not much they can't answer! Our after-sale support means your customer issues are sorted efficiently even when you aren't sure of the answer. As we are happy to speak to your customer on your behalf, we can cut out the middle man to get the problem solved asap...and you can take credit for the good service!!

"Your customer's issue solved, even if you don't know the solution!"

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