Garden centre using Piusi pump for 30 years without downtime

When it comes to high quality fuel dispensing equipment, you can rely on Italian made Piusi products for performance and longevity... and this case study proves this!

Case Study Information

  • Date: Sep 2022
  • Customer: Fuel Supplier
  • End User: Garden Centre


Piusi E80 Pump

Recently our sales team received an enquiry from a customer who needed to replace an old Piusi fuel transfer pump on a diesel tank, that after many years of service had failed. Since we are the exclusive UK agent for Italian manufacturer Piusi, and our customer has been dealing with us for many years, they knew that CTS was the right place to come for stock levels, trade prices and extensive knowledge of the Piusi range.

After discussing the enquiry in more detail we learnt that the end user, a garden centre, bought a fuel storage tank complete with diesel pump many years ago to refuel their equipment and lawn mowers with diesel fuel. When we asked for more information about the pump so that we could find a suitable replacement, we discovered that the fuel transfer pump was a old Piusi E80, a product which has developed and improved over the years. However, the end user was happy with the pump’s performance and reliability, as they had never had any serious problems with it.

Due to the quality construction that Italian manufacturer Piusi are renowned for, it this Piusi E80 was used for over 30 years! The most interesting part was that based on this information we found that this old pump would have been amongst one of the first Piusi pumps that we supplied here in the UK.


Piusi Cube 56

However, with time gone by, even the highest quality pumps need replacing. As the end user application changed and they required a diesel transfer pump with lower flow rate, our customer enquired to replace it with the compact Piusi Cube 56 dispensing kit. We were able to supply this pump unit immediately from stock and shipped the order directly to our customer and their team of engineers. That way they could install it onto the fuel tank and the garden centre could resume refuelling of their machinery, limiting downtime to an absolute minimum.

This case study is another real-life example showcasing that you shouldn’t accept anything less than Piusi quality! We always praise the quality of Piusi products, and this proves that when it comes to relying on longer life span and performance, the Italian made Piusi pumps are truly the ones you should choose. So, please understand that if you are selecting fuel equipment with the sole aim of saving money, you will likely end up with lower quality products which will end up costing you the hassle of returns and premature replacements.

The E80 is one of the first pumps we supplied in the UK and it took around 30 years for this pump to need replacing - a long service life that we for one are definitely proud of!

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