Farming contractor saves £££s with Piusi quality

Sometimes when you are aiming to save £s, you end up with lower quality product from the Far East. This case study shows how Piusi pumps are cheaper in the long run and can save your reputation due to their longer life span and reliable performance.

Case Study Information

  • Date: May 2018
  • Customer: Refuelling Equipment Reseller
  • End User: Farming Contractor


Piusi Bypass 55

Our sales team received an enquiry to replace an old Piusi diesel transfer pump on a fuel storage tank that in the customer’s own words had been installed for “donkey’s years”. As the exclusive UK agent for Italian manufacturer Piusi, they had come to the right place as our stock levels, trade prices and knowledge of the Piusi range are unrivalled.

As our customer wasn’t the end user, they didn’t know a lot about the Piusi pump other than it was for diesel, on a tank and was 230v which allowed us to narrow it down to a handful of options. So that we could identify the exact model to offer a like for like solution, we asked for a picture of the pump to be emailed to us, which they went away and asked their customer for.

The images we received showed that the diesel refuelling pump in question was a Piusi Bypass 55 from the year 2000. Until now, the customer’s pump had been working well since its installation with not much maintenance than the replacement of vanes which wear over time. That’s 18 years of good service!!


Quality Piusi Pump

As the Bypass 55 was superseded by the market renowned Panther 56 in 2001, we were able to supply the equivalent Panther pump immediately from stock. We shipped the order directly to the end user with our customer’s own paperwork on an overnight service, so that the refuelling of their agricultural machinery could resume the next day, limiting downtime to an absolute minimum.

With a longer life span and performance that can be relied upon, buying Italian made Piusi pumps can prevent the hassle and cost of returns and premature replacements frequently incurred by cheaper, lower quality alternatives often from the Far East. People sometimes get swayed by saving a matter of £s on the upfront product cost, when long term it costs you more in money (and potentially your reputation if you’re selling the product on!).

The moral of the story - don't accept less than Piusi quality!

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