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Here at CTS we pride ourselves on the value we add to our customers, whether this be the quality of the product we offer, our technical after-sale support, or our large stock holding to name a few. We understand however that us simply saying we offer these things is not always enough, so we have put some case studies together that demonstrate specific examples where our customers have benefited greatly from our day to day service!

Piusi quality helping you save £££s through long service


When buying refuelling pumps, people sometimes get swayed by saving a matter of £s on the upfront cost and end up with lower quality models often from the Far East. This case study demonstrates that thanks to their longer life span and reliable performance, Piusi pumps work out cheaper in the long run through less hassle and cost associated with returns and premature replacements. And if you're reselling, your reputation is also protected!

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After-sales support that helps you offer a great service


Having lived and breathed the working of our products for 30 years, there isn't much our technical team can't answer. Our after-sale support means that any issues can be troubleshooted and solved quickly. If you're a reseller, this case study demonstrates how even if you aren't sure how to solve a customer problem, we can help and you can take the credit!

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Resellers, we can help you sell more!


If you're reselling our products on, we can offer support to make it easier for you to sell them! From product training to free of charge literature branded with your logo, this case study demonstrates just one example of how we have worked with our customers in the past to help them sell more, and ultimately make them more money!

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