Fuel Tank Float Gauges

Domestic clock type oil tank float gauges

Within the CTS storage tank equipment range are fuel tank float gauges, otherwise referred to as clock gauges or cat and mouse gauges. These are a simple and cost effective type of tank level gauge, designed to provide fuel tank owners, primarily of domestic oil tanks, with an easy and straightforward method of visually identifying the level of fuel left in their tank. There are a number of oil tank float gauges available depending on the height of the tank and the reading type required – the most popular method being an approximate Empty, ¼, ½, ¾ or Full reading. Thanks to being easily fitted on the top of a storage tank through its BSP fitting, clock faced oil tank float gauges require no expert fitting allowing the home owner to fit it themselves


Fluid type



Tank height

MT Profil Fuel Tank Gauge
  • D
  • K

MT Profil Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Float Type


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MTF 2000 Float Type Fuel Tank Gauge
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MTF 2000 Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Float Type (Percentage)

£86.80 ex. VAT

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A fuel tank float gauge measures the amount of fuel in a fuel tank. The fuel tank float gauge works by using a large float inside the fuel tank attached to a negator spring via a perforated tape. The negator spring provides constant tension, which balances the float on the liquid.

We stock fuel tank gloat gauges from Afriso, that show if a fuel tank is Empty, ¼, ½, ¾ or Full. Not sure which you need? Contact our team for their expert advice.