GoldenRod 496 Water Block Fuel Tank Filter

95 Ltrs Per Min (17 micron)



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GoldenRod Filters

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About the product

The GoldenRod 496 Fuel Tank Filter is the water block filter for diesel from the leading filtration brand in the agricultural market. Whilst used within many industries for filtering water out of the fuel in a diesel storage tank, thanks to being suitable for gravy fed installations as well as compatible pumping systems, GoldenRod fuel filters are widely recognised amongst the farming community.

The 496 fuel tank filters benefit from a paper cartridge element inside a clear bowl with a drain point, allowing for the viewing and subsequent removal of any free water that have been removed from the storage tank contents. The element works by using water-absorbing polymers, which trap up to approximately half a cup of water before needing to be replaced.

All GoldenRod filter components including the replacement GoldenRod 496-5 element are available individually as replacements (see accessories table).

Features of the GoldenRod 496 Water Block Fuel Tank Filter:

  • 17 micron water block filter
  • Paper filter element
  • Maximum flow rate of 95 Ltrs Per Min
  • For gravity & pump systems
  • 1” F BSP Inlet/Outlet
  • 1 1/8"-12 M UNF Filter Thread
  • Heavy duty zinc die-cast head with excellent seal
  • Suitable for diesel, bio up to B20, petrol
  • Includes 1 x filter head and 1 x filter element

Product Models and Features

CTJ1809Goldenrod 496 Fuel Filter Complete

17 Micron Particle and Water Filter

Paper Filter

Application - Gravity/Pump

Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 95

Pressure (bar) - 10

Inlet/Outlet - 1" F BSP

Filter Thread - 1 1/8"-12 M UNF

Diesel, bio up to B20, petrol

£82.95 ex. VAT

Product Accessories


Replacement Filter Head

£26.50 ex. VAT

GoldenRod Fuel Filter Housing 495-4

For use with GoldenRod filters

£33.50 ex. VAT

GoldenRod 496-5 Element Only

17 Micron Particle and Water Filter

Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 95

Pressure (bar) - 10

For gravity and pump systems

£29.70 ex. VAT

GoldenRod Wrench 491 For Easy Removal of Bowl

For use with GoldenRod filters

£15.40 ex. VAT

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Why do I need a fuel tank filter?

The increasing bio-content in today’s diesel means that the fuel in storage tanks often contains small, but problematic water levels which can cause a nasty sludge to appear. Water contamination is usually one of the main reasons for costly damage to vehicle engines and reduced fuel efficiency, but an effective water filter can be one of the best ways to prevent this. The water tank filter removes any free water from the dispensed fuel, which protects your vehicle engine from failure. Whiles this filter can get a range of particles, you should also consider a particle fuel filter for removing particles down to finer microns. You might want to consider the GoldenRod 495 particle tank filter as a solution for additional fuel filtration.

How long should a fuel filter last before I need to replace the element?

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question as it all depends on the level of contamination in your fuel. The dirtier the fuel in your tank, the quicker the filter will get full. We advise that you always have a spare filter element on site so that you experience no downtime if your filter is full and blocks.

If you’re experiencing your filter elements blocking a lot quicker than usual, then this may be down to changes in the bio content of diesel. Read our article to find out more. In this case, we recommend considering fuel tank water absorber such as Aquafighter that removes both free and emulsified water directly from the fuel tank.

How can I extend the life of my filter element?

Filters need replacing when they have done their job by filtering out impurities from fuel. Therefore, the dirtier the fuel that passes through them, the quicker they will get full and need replacing. One of the tips we can give is to fit the cleanable, stainless steel GoldenRod mesh filter element.

By fitting this inline first, it is able to catch any large contaminants, leaving the paper one to filter out the smaller yet still damaging bits, therefore protecting it from having to be replaced as often.

Why is it important to know your pump flow rate when choosing your filter?

If your pump is too fast for the maximum flow rate of the filter, the filter will keep blocking leaving you unable to dispense. This may also result in the pump running in partial bypass, causing premature wear on the pump vanes and windings. In extreme cases where you have say a 50lpm filter being used with a 150lpm pump, it may even blow the filter element inside rendering it useless. Therefore, if your pump is 70lpm, your filter must be able to cope with at least that.

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