Piusi introduce the K600 B/3 Pulse Meter with display

Thu, Jan 15, 2015

Piusi have introduced two new meters to their extensive range of products, the K600 B/3 Flow Meter and the K600 B/3 Pulse Meter.

The new K600 B/3 Diesel Flow Meter introduces an 80mm digital display screen – a larger screen than the previous K600/3 – making viewing and reading the device much easier than before. The fuel counter, which is used for managing the dispensing of diesel, includes an oval gear, is highly accurate, has a flow rate of 100 l/min and is the ideal solution for industrial applications and personal fuel distribution.

As well as the flow meter, Piusi have also introduced the K600 B/3 Pulse Meter, housing all the capabilities of the K600 B/3 Flow Meter, but with the addition of a pulse mechanism. Thanks to the integration of a visual digital screen, the K600 B/3 is the first in Piusi's pulse meter range to not require a remote display in order to view how much fuel has been transferred at the point of dispensing. In addition to this, the K600 B/3 Pulse Meter benefits from a variable pulse ratio, so that it can be adjusted to be used with a wider range of fuel management systems with different pulse ratios.

K600 B/3 Pulse Meter

In addition to these new products, we will also shortly be introducing a range of plated units, of different configurations, which incorporate the new pulse meter. This product would be ideal for people in the following scenarios:

Firstly, the plated unit (which includes the pulse meter) would be perfect for somebody wanting to connect their fuel dispensing system, to a larger Building Management System (BMS). These building management systems are typically used in large establishments, such as hospitals, where the management of resources, i.e. electricity, water, lighting, fuel etc., are controlled in a type of hub. So by adding this plated unit, there would be no need for additional products because the pulse meter is included, and therefore has the ability to send the necessary fuel dispensing data straight to the hub.

Another ideal situation would be if somebody has a fuel management system (FMS), such as a Piusi Mc Box, and wants to add a new pumping system to it. So by adding the plated system, which includes the pulse meter, it will enable the fuel transaction information to be transferred to the existing management system.

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