Introducing our new PTO air compressor

Thu, May 29, 2014

The PTO air compressor, along with the PTO washing pump, was one of the very first Piusi products to be developed back in 1955 to pump tractor tyres. After 60 years of production, Piusi discontinued the PTO range and source an alternative product to serve our growing agricultural customers base.

With the Piusi PTO pump being of such high quality, our product development team were focussed on getting the right replacement - which meant lots of testing of alternatives! After a period of buying in samples from different manufacturers and testing them, we introduced the new PTO air compressor to our range.

This CE marked PTO pump is supplied with 4.5m of rubber air hose with a tyre valve adaptor, and has a quick release pin for holding the PTO compressor to the PTO shaft.

PTO air compressor