Don’t get caught without fuel!

Fri, Jul 19, 2013

For some smaller companies with few vehicles, the fuel tank used for refuelling is hidden down the bottom of the yard, and is only ever seen by the drivers.

Or in some cases, the tank is even in a location remote to the office. In both instances these companies may run the risk of running out of fuel, which can cause a number of problems.

Most obviously, if a driver comes to refuel and there is no diesel left in the tank, he may not be able to complete his journey, resulting in costly vehicle downtime. There are however further issues that may occur as a result of an empty tank. If the diesel transfer pump is in use when the fuel runs out and is not immediately switched off, there may be some damage to the pump’s vanes, which then have to be replaced. This leads to further downtime, and the expense of having the fuel transfer pump repaired. The other effect may be that the pump loses its prime, and therefore has to be re-primed when the new fuel is delivered before it can be used again.

Fuel Meter

What can you do?

The simple answer here is to have a fuel tank gauge installed onto the tank, and it being someone’s responsibility to periodically check the diesel level to see whether a fuel order needs to be placed. However, this is only as reliable as the person’s memory and is therefore often easier said than done!

A more sophisticated solution is installing a fuel tank alarm, which detects and alerts the user using an audible sounder of a low fuel level status. This prevents the user from having the manually check on how much diesel remains in the tank. An even more fool-proof solution on the market is a texter system that alerts the user of a low level via SMS; thus solving the issue of a remote fuel tank.

A one off payment for a fuel tank alarm can save you the money and hassle associated with being caught off guard without fuel in your tank!