Common Oil Tank Security Measures

Fri, May 3, 2013

The issue of heating oil theft is an ever growing one. With the price of fuel rising, and the economy continuing to be stifled, rural areas are continuing to be the target of the opportunist thief.

Many neighbourhoods and local police are pulling together to fight against the theft of domestic fuel oil, however the crime continues.

There are a number of oil tank security measures that can be taken to try and prevent against being the victim of theft:

  1. Oil Tank Locks – The Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock is a popular choice for locking the 2” fill point of a fuel tank. However the use of oil tank locks on a plastic tank doesn’t completely eliminate the chance of theft, as the thief could stick a hot copper pipe through the side of the tank. Owners of plastic heating oil tanks may want to consider the following points for their oil tank security options instead.
  2. Tank Level Monitors - The CTS GSM Text Alerter is an alternative fuel tank secuirty option. By setting the two probes at middle and low levels, the oil tank owner can use this to identify a potential theft. If they receive two texts in short succession, then this implies that the oil is very quickly leaving the tank at once!
  3. Tank Positioning – Positioning the tank along the roadside may be most handy for the fuel distributor, but also provides thieves with the easiest access. Be careful about where you put your oil tank!
  4. Slim-line Tanks – Certain tank manufacturers have started producing slim-line heating oil tanks. These models are a great solution for oil tank security, as their shape and construction makes them ideal for slotting between buildings keeping them hidden from the passer by.
  5. Good Old Fashioned Nature – Having plants and bushes positioned around the heating oil tank may put the tank out of sight of a thief, reducing the likeliness that that property will be targeted.