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About the product

The Unitop Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge from Afriso Euronidex is a pneumatic tank level indicator designed for showing the amount of fuel oil, diesel or AdBlue™ remaining in a storage tank. The Unitop is a slightly more accurate model than the similar Unitel model, and has a larger mechanical face. Like the Unitel, this tank level indicator has a spring loaded plunging mechanism that when released causes the needle to settle on the contents left within the storage tank, which is displayed in litres. This fuel tank level gauge is compatible with horizontal, vertical, cylindrical and rectangular tanks, with heights between 1200mm and 3000mm for diesel and up to 2500mm for water and AdBlue.

The Unitop fuel tank gauge also benefits from an adjustable second needle for setting a level parameter, which you can then use to identify the tank has hit the level at which you have decided you need to reorder fuel. Thanks to its impact resistant casing, the Euroindex contents gauge can be easily mounted onto a wall or the tank itself.

Features of the Unitop Fuel Tank Level Gauge:

  • Pneumatic fuel tank contents gauge
  • Percentage reading
  • Spring loaded plunger to pull/release
  • 1” and ½” M BSP dual threaded
  • Supplied with 20metres of PVC capillary
  • For diesel tanks 1200-3000mm height
  • For water/AdBlue tanks 1200-2500mm height
  • Accuracy +/-2% at full scale
  • Gauge face 155mm x 165mm
  • For rectangular & cylindrical tanks
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene, biodiesel up to B100, water and urea

Product Models and Features

OAB8000Unitop Hydrostatic Percentage Fuel Tank Level Gauge

Reading Type: 0-100%

Tank Height (mm) - 1200-3000 (diesel) / 1200-2500 (water/AdBlue)

Capillary Length (m) - 20

Capillary Type - PVC

Stainless Steel Balance Chamber Weight

Balance Chamber Fitting: 1/2" and 1" M BSP

Working Temperature: -5ºc/+55ºc

Diesel, kerosene, biodiesel, water and AdBlue™

£158.15 ex. VAT

Product Accessories


30m Capillary Tubing Extension

£65.90 ex. VAT

Condensation Trap

£22.10 ex. VAT

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How does this diesel and heating oil tank gauge work?

The hydrostatic fuel and heating oil tank gauge uses a submersible pressure sensor or balance chamber that is installed at a specific depth (zero level) into the tank. When the pressure sensor is filled with air by pumping a plunger on the gauge, it measures the pressure caused by the weight of the liquid directly on top of it, which allows you to get a reading.

Due to the hydrostatic paradox, the pressure sensor does not measure the complete volume in the tank above it, but only the liquid column vertically above it. For this reason, in order to provide a litre reading, these diesel and oil tank level gauges have to be calibrated with the tank shape and size details.

What’s the difference between calibrated and percentage fuel storage tank gauges?

A percentage fuel tank gauge is an off the shelf product that can be fitted to a tank to provide a reading of the contents as a percentage. A calibrated fuel tank gauge on the other hand is manufactured to meet the exact dimensions and shape of the tank, allowing the level reading to be provided in litres.

Calibrated fuel tank level gauges can be more useful for the tank owner as if they know their approximate usage, a litre reading can help them work out how soon they will need a fuel delivery.

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