12v Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

12 volt fuel transfer pumps for mobile refuelling

Designed for environments where mains power is unavailable or refuelling needs to be carried out in different places, our 12v dc fuel transfer pump range all come with cable and clips for connection to the battery of the vehicle being refuelled. Hence, 12 volt diesel transfer pumps are ideal for mobile, remote and off-site refuelling, which are commonly required in the agriculture and construction industries. Most popular in our range is the Piusi BP3000 portable diesel transfer pump kit or if a higher flow rate is required, the Piusi Bi-Pump 12v fuel transfer pump. As with all of our refuelling pump categories, available are both ready to dispense portable diesel fuel transfer pump kits and pump only should a replacement be required.

Should you require more information about a particular 12 volt fuel transfer pump or complete fuel transfer pump kit, take a look at its technical data sheet or contact our technical sales team for advice on 0121 351 4445. Alternatively, read our 12v diesel fuel transfer pump guide on how to select the best solution for your requirements.


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Piusi EXGO! Battery Kit
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Piusi EXGO! Battery Kit

32ltrs Per Min 12 volt

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When refuelling without mains power, you need a fuel transfer pump, for example when refuelling an off-road vehicle in the middle of the site or field. Battery powered pumps can have a voltage of 12 volts or 24 volts. The voltage of the pump needs to be compatible with the voltage of the battery on site that the pump will be powered from, which may be a vehicle in most cases.

A vehicle’s battery will be either 12 volt or 24 volts. 12v fuel transfer pumps are most common for use with small to medium off-road vehicles such as tractors and diggers as they have a 12v battery, whereas larger machinery and HGVs have a 24v battery. Most battery powered fuel transfer pumps are either 12 or 24v, but some models are dual voltage, which is perfect for use against multiple batteries.