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A range of spill control products including spill kits and absorbents

About the product

The EnviroSpill Degreaser is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution for cleaning a multitude of fluids off surfaces. This spill clean up solution has been designed to bioremediate hazardous hydrocarbons into water vapour and carbon dioxide, therefore reducing the volatility of flammable spills. This industrial strength degreaser can clean fluids from grease and oil to dyes and inks, and can be used on metal, plastic, rubber and wooden surfaces (plus more!). The EnviroSpill Degreaser contains hydrocarbon eating microbes; it is not a soap, detergent or solvent, but does eliminate odours without residue or slip hazards. Available in a 1 litre bottle or 25 litre container, this spill control product can be used in pressure washers, soap tanks, steam cleaners or simply applied by spray, cloth or mop.

Features of the EnviroSpill Degreaser:

  • Industrial strength concentrate
  • Safe, effective and environmentally friendly
  • Cleans grease, oil, wax, gum, dye, inks, smoke and exhaust stains
  • For metal, plastic, rubber, porcelain, concrete and wooden surfaces
  • Available in a 1 litre bottle or 25 litre container
  • Non-toxic, inflammable and biodegradable

Product Models and Features

SPL-ELEM1EnviroSpill Degreaser 1L

Size: 1 Litre

Packaging: Bottle

£16.25 ex. VAT
SPL-ELIM25EnviroSpill Degreaser 25L

Size: 25 Litres

Packaging: Container

£487.50 ex. VAT

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