Piusibox AdBlue™ Pump

32ltrs Per Min (24v)

Piusibox AdBlue™ Pump


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About the product

The Piusibox AdBlue™ pump is a ready to dispense, portable pumping solution in a sturdy pull along box with wheels. The 24v Piusi Suzzara Blue pump, that comes with 4m cable and clips for battery connection, makes this AdBlue™ dispensing kit suitable for applications where there is no mains power available. The kit comes complete with automatic SB325 nozzle with breakaway spout mechanism and miss-filling device, delivery hose, suction hose and SEC connector for IBC connection.

Thanks to its protective box that helps prevent contamination and aids transportation, the Piusibox AdBlue™ pump is ideal for heavy duty environments such as construction sites and agriculture. To further prevent contamination the kit comes with an AdBlue™ long life filter for removing any impurities and a pair of gloves.

Features of the Piusibox AdBlue™ Transfer Pump Kit:

  • Self-priming membrane AdBlue™ pump
  • Sturdy pull along box with two wheels
  • Terminal box with on/off switch & 4m cables & clips
  • Max flow rate: 32ltrs per min
  • SB325 automatic nozzle c/w breakaway spout mechanism
  • Miss-filling nozzle adaptor
  • 6m delivery hose
  • 2m suction hose & SEC connector
  • Available in 24v

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
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F00204060 Piusibox AdBlue™ Pump Max Flow (lpm) - 32
24v AdBlue transfer pump
Automatic nozzle
6m delivery hose
2m suction hose
Protective gloves
Pull along box with wheels