Rural Crime Survey Announces Agri-Theft Rise

Wed, September 26, 2012 - 11:03:00

Agri-theft has risen to an annual estimated total of £52.7 million, according to the recently published NFU Mutual Rural Crime Survey. This 6% increase on the previous year has come about despite a fall in tractor thefts. Thieves’ focus on tractors and larger equipment appears to have moved to metal, chemicals and fuel; the objects rising up the agri-theft “league table”.

The theft of diesel and heating oil is the second largest item in the agricultural crime survey, with only tools being targeted more by thieves. The rising cost of fuel is likely to be a factor behind the theft statistics, and with no signs of diesel prices falling, we can only expect fuel theft to continue.

Lindsay Sinclair, Group Chief Executive of NFU Mutual, has stated “it is a sad fact but the countryside has long been seen as an easy target for criminals”. Farmers and home owners in rural areas therefore need to be more vigilant when it comes to their fuel supplies and protecting them against theft.

The NFU Mutual Rural Crime Survey also revealed that physical security measures such as locks and alarms are much more successful in preventing thieves than the threat of police and the judicial system. Centre Tank Services have a number of fuel tank security products ideal for farmers’ diesel refuelling tanks and heating oil tanks.

The Spinsecure Tank Lock is a great product for deterring the opportunistic thief, as it makes the fuel tank's fill point completely inaccessible. This locking fuel cap's design has no torque points, ensuring crow bar entry is prevented, and hasn't got a padlock, which can be easily sawn off. Another fuel tank security product we can offer is the Piusi Access 85 Pump Control System. This easily retrofittable system prevents fuel from being dispensed by unauthorised users, using an electronic key system. The unit is designed so that the pump will only activate and release fuel when an allocated key is used.