Product Focus - The Piusibox

Tue, July 08, 2014 - 12:37:00

Product Focus - The Piusibox

As our customers are probably aware, it is a very busy time for the agricultural industry at the moment. The farmers are currently spending the majority of their time working long hours in the fields. This is why Centre Tank Services are doing a product focus on The Piusibox - a diesel transfer pump kit which has been designed especially for customers in the agricultural market.

At this time in the year the agricultural market is at its busiest point. Farmers will be out in the fields a lot using their agricultural machinery; this means that they will be refuelling their crop sprayers, for example, more often. They are also busy preparing for the harvest season. These are just two reasons why a farmer may wish to replace their refuelling equipment at this time.

The Piusibox is an ideal solution for customers in this market for several reasons. The main reason is that this refuelling kit is available with a 24v or 12v fuel transfer pump so it can enable refuelling whilst on the move. This allows the farmers to refuel their machinery in the field without having to travel back to the site base. Another reason that this portable diesel refuelling pump solution is a popular choice amongst farmers is that it is housed in a "box". This box is a storage container which keeps the system clean whilst on the go and also lowers the chance of contamination. When refuelling in the field the user can do this with confidence that their fuel will stay clean and uncontaminated.

The Piusibox diesel transfer pump kit is available to be purchased in a standard or pro version. The pro version comes equipped with a 10 micron filter and gloves for your convenience. This refuelling kit is equipped with a self-priming BP 3000 diesel transfer pump, with a flow rate of 43- 45 LPM depending upon the model which has been purchased. Easily stored and transported, the Piusibox comes inside a storage box with handle. Enabling the user to carry the pump around with ease.

With these numerous benefits, this portable refuelling kit has proven to be a hit with our customers in the agricultural industry, by being both reliable and efficient.