Introducing our new range of Carry Frames

Tue, August 25, 2015 - 2:01:00


Here at Centre Tank Services we have just introduced pump carry frames, for easy, portable refuelling.

Our vast product range includes a variety of refuelling pumps, which are used in a variety of different ways, often dispensing from drum to drum. We recognised this, and decided that pump carry frames would be the ideal solution for transporting your refuelling pump from A to B, in a simple and hassle-free way.

Our kits that we have built include both the carry frame and refuelling pump – in a number of different varieties – to provide easy, portable, refuelling. There is a choice of either, a Piusi Carry Plate – providing protective portability and sturdy operation thanks to its four rubber feet; or a Carry Frame (available in small and large) – also sturdy and portable, but also designed for all-round protection, thanks to its tubular steel crash frame.

But these carry kits are more than just frames, they both also come with a heavy duty cable tie, to neatly and compactly, attach your hose to the frame – to save it from being dragged along the floor behind you – so you can easily carry your pump and hose together.

These kits are the ideal solution for mobile refuelling, such as those working in agriculture, construction or at quarries and mines.