Introducing our complete tank alarm family

Thu, March 10, 2016 - 2:27:00

Our Fuel Tank Alarm Range

It’s important for commercial properties to know how much fuel is in their tank, especially when vehicles and/or machinery are refuelling on site. Therefore, having a fuel tank alarm will enable tank owners to monitor their fuel levels and eliminate issues that arise by not having one.

Without monitoring, your tank can run out of fuel, leading to a number of issues including cost implications and downtime, and even bigger issues if your fuel pump runs dry.

On the other hand, you also run the risk of overfilling your tank, causing issues such as cost for loss of fuel and environmental costs for the clean-up process – hence why having a tank overfill alarm is so important.

A tank level alarm is essential for smooth operation on commercial properties, and for those who have a home fuel tank, having an alarm system will keep your mind at ease and will ensure you have fuel at all times.

Tanks that are stored above ground and hold over 200 litres in volume, must have a bund of at least 110% of its tanks capacity. A bund is a secondary containment system designed to prevent fuel loss should a leak or overspill occur – so monitoring the contents of your bund is vital. By having a bund alarm you’ll be alerted when contents is detected, indicating a leak from your tank or that debris has collected within the bund.

Tank gauges show you the level of fuel in your tank but actually require someone coming and checking it regularly in order for it to be effective. Whereas a fuel tank alarm checks the level for you and alerts you to when there’s a problem. Therefore, tank level alarm systems are required by all commercial diesel tank owners, to eliminate the issues mentioned above.

For that reason, here at Centre Tank Services we offer a full range of tank alarms, for all fuel tank applications. Below is a list of the products within our fuel tank alarm family and what they do.

• The multi-zone alarm is available in mains and battery powered, and has three functions: to detect and warn of overfill, a high/low liquid level and a bund leak.
Due to there being so many alarm variations, we sell this item as alarm box only, to give you the freedom of choosing your own probes, in order to fit the variation you require the most.

• The single channel alarm is a cost effective solution for when the user only requires one function – overfill, high or low liquid level, or leak in the bund – alerts you to a problem regarding the function you have chosen to monitor.
This alarm comes with a single fuel alarm probe, suitable for diesel, fuels, light oils and water.

And introducing…

• The brand new economy bund alarm is a simple and economical alarm option, which will alert you to the presence of fluid in the bund. The present fluid could be from the tank leaking into the bund, or excess rainwater or debris collecting in the bund.
This alarm also comes with a single fuel alarm probe, suitable for diesel, fuels, light oils and water.

Our extensive probe range enables us to supply customers with alarms that are suitable for more than just fuel tanks. So whether your tank is for diesel, oil, chemicals, water or AdBlue – we can provide you with an alarm system that reliable and suited to your specific needs. Our range explained:

• Single fuel tank alarm probe – single function for high level, low level or bund alert
• Double fuel tank alarm probe – double function for both high and low level alerts
• High viscosity fluid tank level alarm probe – designed for use with high viscosity fluids and liquids that crystallise such as AdBlue
• Water & chemical tank level alarm probe – specifically designed for use with water and chemicals in a low or high level setting