Celebrating the Legacy of Piusi as their Proud UK Agent : 70 Years of Excellence

Fri, Mar 31, 2023

Piusi is the original Italian manufacturer of diesel, oil and AdBlue fuelling products, and are known worldwide for their quality and longevity.

This year, they will be celebrating their 70th anniversary, and will be recognising the landmark milestone with a special event held in Italy in May.

As the official Piusi UK agent and distributor, we want to celebrate everything Piusi - from their archive, products, achievements, and their history with our business. Let’s take a look back through some of the key moments of our longest exclusive brand partner in the last 70 years.

Take a look through Piusi Pumps and Products Through the Years

Franco Varini's replica office at Piusi HQ
  • Piusi was founded by Franco Varini in Italy in 1953. The first product ever created by the company was a PTO pump for tractor washing, and would have been designed and developed in Varini’s office. The office has been recreated in Piusi’s current headquarters in Suzzara, Italy, as a time capsule to pay homage to their humble beginnings.
  • The Bypass 44 was introduced by the business as one of Piusi’s earliest diesel pumps in 1985. Later, in 1989, CTS first met Piusi at an exhibition by chance before becoming the official Piusi UK agent a couple of years later. In that same year they released the Contocard, Piusi’s first fuel management system.
  • Piusi’s first 12v pump, the BP2000, took them into the offroad refuelling market in 1990. A couple of years later the Bypass 55 was released, which was the precursor of the market leading Panther 56, which we are still selling spares for to this day.

Piusi Ocio, MC Box & EX50
  • In 2002, after help from CTS with testing at their warehouse facilities in Birmingham, the Ocio gauge was developed and launched. This tank level indicator for fuel and oil detects the static pressure generated by the fluid inside, and is now one of the most recognised fuel tank gauges in the market.
  • 2006 saw the release of the first MC Box, where Piusi entered the fuel management retrofit market as a cost-effective option. It was a solid metal structure connected to PC software that allowed users to control and monitor private use fuel consumption via a fuel dispenser with pump and flow meter.
  • In 2009 they launched the K24 – a revolutionary digital flow meter for fitting at the nozzle end for easy reading whilst refuelling. Piusi then entered the ATEX market with their EX50 pump range, a few years later in 2012.

B.SMART and Panther Pump
  • A few years ago in 2020, Piusi launched the B.SMART, their newest fuel management system which gives fleet managers remote and real-time monitoring of their fuel use. With mass promotion and support from CTS, the UK is currently one of the largest markets for it through CTS, just behind Italy.
  • Last year, the market leading Panther 56 celebrated its 20-year anniversary! The Piusi Panther Pump is the industry recognised leading fuel transfer pump in the transport, agriculture and plant market, delivering fuel at a rate of 56 litres a minute.

In the last 10 years alone, Piusi has accomplished achievements that have made them main global player in the fluid handling industry. They have more than $80 million turnover, create over 1,000,000 products a year, employ over 270 employees, and have a presence in over 135 countries - including a branch in America based in Fort Lauderdale.

Being the only importer in the UK, we are the Piusi supplier you can rely on. For more information about Piusi products, please contact our technical sales department on 0121 351 4445.

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