Fuel Security Monitor launched!

Wed, Oct 15, 2014

As specialists in the fluid handling and dispensing industry, here at Centre Tank Services we have launched a new tool on our website for our customers to use, called the Fuel Security Monitor.

This new tool is an information hub aiming to give our customers advice on fuel security, such as information about how to keep fuel equipment safe and secure, and also to give them tips and advice on how to do so.

The Fuel Security Monitor was launched in October 2014, after it was acknowledged that due to the rising price of fuel, there had been a substantial rise in fuel related crimes, and more significantly where criminals were targeting fuel tanks at farms, depots, and domestic properties. With criminals targeting these specific areas of fuel containment and dispensary, in which our market is involved in, thousands of pounds worth of fuel and damage costs can occur in an instance, so launching this new tool was essential in order to help people steer clear of becoming a victim of fuel crime.

Fuel Security Logo

The Fuel Security Monitor aims to help initiate a few rational safeguards to help protect tanks and its contents. Therefore, the new information hub provides two guides: One – A Domestic Heating Oil Security Guide and Two – A Diesel Fuel Security Guide.

Domestic Heating Oil Security Guide:

This guide is for people or organisations that use heating oil and therefore have tanks at their home or property. The guide gives tips and advice mainly on fuel tank security such as where the fuel tank is located, whether the owner has suitable security equipment and the idea of raising awareness of these criminals targeting such tanks and gaining community support to help prevent these incidences from happening.

Diesel Fuel Security Guide:

This guide is for businesses such as those in construction and agriculture that have tanks and vehicles on their premises containing, for example, diesel or AdBlue fluids. This guide gives tips and advice on fuel security such as keeping vehicles secured at all times and especially overnight, making sure tanks have a fuel management system installed, having security lighting, CCTV, anti-theft equipment including signs, and where the tank is situated and who it is visible to.

To view the guides and read in more depth about the measures you can take to keep your home, premises or vehicle secure, go to the Fuel Security Monitor page.