Protect Your Yacht from Diesel's Worst Enemy, Water!

Do you have a problem with water in your fuel?

Yacht engines are not designed to handle water content, despite being in the water most of the time! When water enters the fuel tank it contaminates the fuel, allowing diesel bug sludge to form. This sludge can block filters, pumps and injectors, and the contaminated fuel can then cause loss of engine power, the yacht not being able to get up to speed and fuel system corrosion, which can all be costly to fix and repair, causing downtime for the vessel.

Water in Fuel Problems 1
Water in Fuel Problems 2

FUELSTAT and Aquafighter Lite bundle

Whether you’ve already experienced water in your fuel tank symptoms, or want to prevent the inevitable whilst your yacht is stored away for winter, the FUELSTAT & Aquafighter Lite bundle can help you in removing water from your fuel tank!