THREE25 AdBlue® Pump - Coming soon from Piusi

Tue, Mar 25, 2014

Coming soon from Piusi is the THREE25 IBC AdBlue® Pump - the latest innovation in the AdBlue® market, providing an elite version of the market renowned Piusi Suzzara Blue IBC kit.

The THREE25 is comprised of the Suzzara Blue membrane AdBlue® Pump in a sturdy frame for ultimate protection. Positioned on a stainless steel, corrosion resistant plate, the dispensing equipment then benefits from a robust roll bar around the top and front to protect against accidental impact. Compactly included in the frame is a high capacity hose holder for the delivery hose to be practically and neatly rolled back into place after use, and a nozzle holster with removal drip cup for easy cleaning

Piusi Three Pump kit

There are a number of metering and nozzle configurations available depending upon the user requirements. The THREE25 is available with either the SB325 automatic nozzle with integrated flow meter, or the standard SB325 nozzle with a K24 flow meter fitted at the Adblue® pump outlet. The new style SB325 AdBlue® nozzle has a break-away stainless steel spout. This ensures that if the vehicle drives off with the nozzle still in the tank’s fill point, the spout will break away from the nozzle leaving the rest of the nozzle undamaged and just the spout would need replacing.

Adblue® is manufactured to be a completely pure solution. However once delivered to the end user, contamination may occur during the filling and transferring process if the user does not take necessary precautions. To maintain the purity of AdBlue® throughout the refilling process to protect the vehicle’s SCR system, Piusi have included a 3D AdBlue® particulate filter in the new THREE25 AdBlue® Pump kit.

As the UK official Piusi distributor we already have the Piusi THREE25 AdBlue® Pump on order, and will be the first to have stock of the product as soon as it comes out of production.