That's a wrap for 2023!

Tue, Dec 19, 2023

As we are approaching the last few weeks of 2023, we wanted to wrap up the year by showcasing what's been going on in the last 12 months in the business and fuel industry.

We’re opening a division in the Middle East!

New division in Saudi Arabia

We have set our sights on the overseas market, with a new division starting in Saudi Arabia, with our Sales Manager Gurdeep Lakhanpal moving out there with his family.

After having some great successes in the Middle East following the ADIPEC exhibition and visits to the region, we followed up with targeted campaigns to our contacts and grew our clientele. However, being based in a different country meant that some elements of being a fully functioning business in the area weren’t always possible.

By having an employee down on the ground in the Middle East, it allows us to start exploring the possibilities the region holds in more depth. Gurdeep has been instrumental to the growth of the business since he started in 2014, and his move to the Middle East is both exciting from a personal level and for the business. He is due to move to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of January and will be stationed in the capital, Riyadh. We look forward to updating you further in the first quarter of 2024.

The Fuel Management Market Reacts to Red Diesel Changes in Construction

With the changes to the red diesel tax scheme having significantly increased the price per litre, so has the value of the contents of the average construction site’s fuel tank. Whilst this is reason enough for site managers to want to know where every drop of fuel is going, it is intensified by white diesel being more susceptible to theft for road use than its red counterpart. This combined with the fact that contractors with access to the fuel come and go, and sites are often left unattended outside of operational hours, has seen the construction industry really start taking fuel security seriously.

It is now more important than ever for tank suppliers to have a fuel management offering for the off-road, portable tank market. The existing market offering is typically for large static tanks; when it comes to mobile tanks and smaller bowsers, there is not always space for installing an additional unit. That’s where the Piusi 3000 Supreme comes in…

red diesel

A solution in the Piusi 3000 Supreme

The 3000 Supreme is a smart and secure version of the industry known Piusi BP3000 12v/24v pump presenting the off-road market with the best of both worlds. The compact “pump sized” footprint required for installation on a portable tank, but with the added security features of a fuel management system.

The Supreme’s integrated control panel only enables the pump to be operated by authorised smartphone app holders only, preventing dispensing from being carried out from any opportunists. The app then records dispensing transactions such as quantity of fuel taken, the date and time and the machinery being filled, providing the site manager with an accurate insight in how the fuel has been used and to help to spot any anomalies. What’s more, the data supplied from multiple Supremes on fuel tanks can be sent to the B. SMART online portal, allowing you to see how your fuel is being used across all sites wherever you are.

As well as the fuel management benefits, the Supreme manages its own operation, eliminating the common causes of pump failure on site including reverse polarity protection and flow reduction and auto shutdown to prevent overheating or dry run damage.

piusi 3000 supreme

MAPLY – Coming soon for 2024

The MAPLY app add-on will further boost the construction offering. Its geofencing feature allows sites to be created on a map to restrict dispensing operations to these areas, preventing portable tanks being used to refill vehicles not onsite. MAPLY is also able to track movement of fuel between bulk tanks equipped with B.SMART equipment, into smaller, portable tanks which have the Supreme fitted. This means that rather than seeing this as fuel used, it will record it as a transfer of fuel being stored elsewhere. It also allows for temporary hire plant to be added and removed if they are only required short-term.

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LinkedIn updates you may have missed

Matthew terry 25 years

Two big milestones!

In May, Warehouse Supervisor Neil celebrated his 25th year at CTS, followed by MD Matthew Terry with the same milestone in November. Both were celebrated with a buffet, speech and gift.

Piusi turned 70!

This year saw Piusi celebrate their 70th year in business, and as the UK agent, we were invited to Italy to celebrate with them. Rob and Gurdeep attended a two day event at their factory in Suzzara, where they met suppliers, customers, and colleagues from all over the globe.

Behind the scenes...

This year, the marketing department have put a lot of time and effort into producing more video content for customers to watch on the CTS LinkedIn page. This has mainly been possible thanks to the addition of Eden, who took up the Digital Marketing position in February.

Aquafighter - The complete solution to water in fuel

You’ll already know that filters blocked with nasty sludge, pump damage, engine failure and poor fuel economy are all costly side effects of water contaminated fuel. But did you know that water contamination manifests in different ways and that most “water removal” products only deal with part of the problem?

That is until now...

Aquafighter is the only absorbent product on the market that not only removes the free water from your fuel, but also the suspended and emulsified water that is bound to the fuel molecules that make it appear cloudy or milky!By simply placing the Aquafighter in the tank through the largest opening, the water absorber keeps fuel water-free until it reaches capacity. It can then be easily retrieved and replaced to prevent further contamination.

Don’t just take our word for it...

To help you understand how Aquafighter works, we’ve done a video demonstration! In the video, the pink gel found inside the fabric membrane of the Aquafighter, is added to a cup of water. Within seconds the water is captured within the gel, showing how quickly and easily the product absorbs the water.

The Revamped Self Service Software - Piusi Agilis FMS

Piusi Agilis

AGILIS by Piusi is the revamped and modernised version of the Self Service 2018 software. Whilst the SS 2018 will no longer be available to buy, the AGILIS software is compatible with all existing MC units on the market, and comes with additional benefits to modernise fuel management for fleet managers...

✓ New Virtual Tanks

✓ Improved Software Interface

✓ Compatible With Existing Units

✓ Increased User Count of 250

✓ New Customisable Data Export

The Piusi range has something for everyone and their range of fuel management systems are no exception!

Discover how the AGILIS system compares to it’s predecessor the Self Service 2018 and it’s big brother the cloud based B.SMART in our informative article, where you’ll also find our handy comparison infographic.

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training on site

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