AGILIS Replaces Piusi Self Service 2018 with Improved Fuel Management Software

Mon, Oct 23, 2023

As the fuel management software market grows, Piusi leads the way with their quality Italian manufacturing, which has led them to redesign and improve the Piusi Self Service Management 2018 software and dispensers to the new Self Service AGILIS model.

Whilst the older Piusi software will no longer be available to customers, the new Self Service AGILIS software will be compatible with all existing MC systems on the market, with many additional benefits improving fuel dispensing and fuel tracking. The new model modernises the fuel management process for fleet managers from start to finish.

AGILIS Self Service Management

What changes have been made to the updated Piusi software?

The newest feature to the Self Service AGILIS fuel management software is the Virtual Tanks Update. When a fuel delivery comes in, the fleet or plant manager can input the amount of fuel delivered, and the Piusi software will virtually monitor the tank level after each fuel dispensing transaction – saving time looking for fuel gauge information at any one time.

A modernised interface improves the look and feel of the system and makes it more user friendly, while still being compatible with all existing current Piusi MC hardware on the market. The new AGILIS Piusi fuel management system can now have up to 250 users instead of the 120-user limit on the old model, making it perfect for larger businesses with more drivers.

As well as more users, the Self Service AGILIS has customisable .txt data exports that can be imported into other systems, transferring the data from one local PC to another, meaning more teams can see the data and track fuel usage for improved countability.

Whilst the AGILIS has benefits and features not seen with the old Piusi Self Service Management 2018 model, it is a mid-range product on the fuel management market, with the leader still being the mighty Piusi B.SMART software.

How does the AGILIS compare to the Piusi B.SMART fuel management system?

The Piusi B.SMART is an online fuel management system that uses cloud-based software that can help managers identify anomalies, prevent fuel theft, and allocate fuel costs to the site. This can all happen remotely, in real time, on an easy-to-use online portal on a phone or laptop, meaning unlimited dispensers can be managed across multiple geographic sites anywhere, anytime.

The B.SMART fuel management software uses an app on the driver’s phone to enable dispensing and sends the data to the cloud, where the information is stored in a range of reports with detailed information on each of the sites fuel monitoring. Managers can log on to the portal anywhere to access these reports, with no importing or exporting required, making the system much more time efficient.

The B.SMART Piusi software saves fleet and plant managers time and hassle by providing remote, real-time access to any fuel reports, as well as monitor unlimited sites, wherever they are, without having to visit and access dispensers.

You can view our handy infographic here that shows you all the differences and updates from the Piusi Self Service Management 2018 to the AGILIS software, and how it compares to the B.SMART cloud based Piusi fuel management system.

FMS comparison

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