Stopping Fuel Theft on Construction Sites: How to Keep Your Fuel Storage Secure

Mon, Aug 7, 2023

If you're in the construction industry, no doubt you or your colleagues will be privy to the rise in fuel theft throughout the country. Whether this is down to the red diesel duty reform, supply chain issues or materials shortages, price inflation means it's definitely an issue with increasing risk.

It is not easy to monitor activities on a site 24/7, and it is even harder if there are multiple contractors with access to your fuel storage tanks. What's more, with many sites left unattended outside of operational hours, having control and security over fuel usage can be a difficult challenge for site managers. Can you be certain that your off-road vehicles and machinery are the only recipients of your onsite diesel?

Fuel theft is on the rise on construction sites

Why has fuel consumption increased in construction?

White diesel fuel consumption has increased dramatically over the last year as red diesel has been restricted by the government for the construction industry and many other industries.

Before the restriction in April 2022, red diesel was heavily rebated, which made it much more cost effective. White diesel has no rebate, meaning a straight switch from red to white diesel incurs an additional expense on every litre used. This has a significant impact on costs as well as cash flow for many construction businesses, who may have tendered and budgeted for jobs many years before the work starts. This is why optimal fuel efficiency for plant equipment on construction sites is essential.

As the demand for white diesel grows, so too does the risk of diesel fuel theft on construction sites, where fuel storage can be left unsecured overnight or at weekends, when the site is left unmanned.

The Piusi 3000 smart pump can accurately record  authorised pump users

How to keep fuel storage secure on a construction site?

Real-time fuel monitoring is an easy way to secure your tank or bowser, as you can track your fuel levels and usage. A fuel management system will do just that, instantly alerting you remotely of a change in fuel which could indicate an authorised or unauthorised usage, fuel theft, spillage, or leakage – enabling you to take swift remedial action. This is particularly useful on large sites, where multiple tanks need to be monitored at the same time.

The use of a fuel management system can be a great deterrent to thieves as they will not want the transaction tracked, and are unable to use the equipment without authorisation, meaning other methods of getting to the fuel would need to be used, such as a hole in the tank to siphon the diesel out.

A fuel management system can be crucial to identify fuel theft, especially where there may be many users, or the tank is located out of sight. The B.SMART fuel management system alongside the Piusi 3000 smart pump can accurately record authorised users, the date, and time of use, and provide the first line of defence against unauthorised fuel usage, whilst constantly monitor fuel levels.

tank security equipment

Site managers should also make fuel storage with theft-prevention features a priority. Tank locks and tank alarms are not theft-proof but can definitely deter unwanted opportunists from your fuel on site.

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