Say Goodbye to Costly, Throwaway AdBlue® Bottles!

Tue, Aug 1, 2017

If you're in automotive aftermarket you'll probably have heard of AdBlue by now. If you have, you need to continue reading as you're probably using it and we can help you. If you haven't, you will be soon, so carry on reading and be in the know from the offset!

Euro VI, the latest update to the European emission standards, has meant that many new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have needed to reduce their emissions down to a certain level. Most automotive manufacturers have met these standards by using AdBlue™; a fluid that helps to reduce the harmful nitrogen oxides released by the exhaust system. Garages have had to adapt by being able to offer an AdBlue® tank top up as part of their service - giving you Service Managers the job of having to buy the stuff and implement it to keep your customer service top notch!

AdBlue pump refuelling tractor

Novices in the industry find themselves purchasing AdBlue® in costly, throwaway 5 litre containers that are poured into the tank of the car. Those of you that have, or are still using these, will know that when the car doesn’t take the full contents, the half full bottles mount up around the workshop or are even thrown away. The savvy service manager is now buying and storing their AdBlue® from drums - enabling them to benefit from bulk buy costs of the fluid as well as overcome the waste and inconvenience of disposing all of these small bottles. But how do they easily dispense from the drum into the vehicle?

Designed specifically for the above scenario, the Delphin PRO car dispenser has been tried and tested by leading car dealership networks worldwide as a no-nonsense, quick and clean solution for the automotive aftersales market. The very reason why some BMW, Mercedes and Audi service centres have opted for it as their method of dispensing! As well as saving you money, waste and inconvenience from the manual refilling from bottles, the Delphin has a range of other useful benefits:

  • Closed, clean filling system meaning no unpleasant odours, vapours, spills or contamination within the workshop.
  • Fast, automatic re-filling – simply turn it on at the panel and it will dispense until the vehicle is full so. There is need for your technicians to supervise the process, freeing them up to continue with other parts of the service.
  • Patented self-cleaning spout compatible with any filler cap to provide a perfect seal and ensure no spillage down the side of your customer's vehicle.
  • Installed on a trolley for easy manoeuvring between bays. Constructed to fit both 60 litre and 200 litre drums securely.
  • Alternative dispensing speeds depending upon whether it is a passenger car that takes less fluid or light commercial vehicle that takes more being refilled

The Delphin PRO is designed and manufactured by Italian manufacturer Piusi and distributed and supported in the UK by exclusive agents Centre Tank Services. Technical support and any required spare parts are readily available directly from us in the UK making the aftersale as convenient as possible for you.

With more and more models of passenger car being manufactured with AdBlue™ using technology as we speak, the requirement for performing refills is only going to become more demanding. Prepare yourself for this by purchase the Delphin here today.

The AdBlue producer’s choice of equipment

We have worked closely with AdBlue™ manufacturers and suppliers to provide them with the AdBlue™ dispensing equipment that their reputation relies on