Protect Your Business: How to Spot a Fake Piusi Before It's Too Late

Wed, Aug 14, 2019

With copies of Piusi equipment becoming increasingly available in the Far East, it’s no wonder that they’ve now made their way overseas and onto European/UK supplier websites too.

Piusi products vs fake products

Much to our surprise though, these copies are actually being bought by customers – whether it’s knowingly by those seeking a cheaper alternative, or accidentally by those unfortunate enough to stumble across a fake Piusi item!

Piusi set the benchmark for transfer pumps, meters and nozzles and unfortunately, this means their products are widely copied. Their most popular products such as the Battery Kit, Panther pumps, Suzzarablue AdBlue pumps and the K24 and K33 flow meters are often the main victims of imitation. But imitation is flattery, right? WRONG! These counterfeit items don’t offer the same level of reliability and safety, and therefore present you with…

• Downtime
• Costs
• Complaints
• Replacements
• Returns

…all of which can damage your reputation and cost you more money in the long run!

So whether you’re purposely buying Piusi fakes to try and save yourself some money, or have been caught out in the past with what you thought was a ‘bargain buy’, we’ve compiled a list of the tell-tale signs to look out for when shopping around and why you should always choose real Piusi quality.

1. Point of sale packaging

Piusi Literature


Piusi not only pride themselves on providing good quality equipment but also on presentation! Italy is well known for its impeccably dressed citizens, its flashy super cars and food that looks too good to eat… so of course they’d go all out on the packaging of their products too! Whether it’s a blister pack or a branded box, you can be sure that most of the Piusi products come expertly wrapped and packaged in their very own branded point-of-sale packaging.

Piusi products also come complete with Piusi branded instruction manuals. These manuals include information on the product, installation, use, maintenance, troubleshooting, disposal and technical data, as well as an exploded product diagram and dimensional drawing. Furthermore, the manuals are conveniently printed in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and of course Italian.


You’ll find that copies from the Far East come in plain packaging, usually a standard cardboard box or branded packaging which has no relation to Piusi.

They may or may not include manuals, but if they do they won’t be Piusi branded, will lack information and won’t be the same as the Piusi ones – because despite being a copied product, they are not an exact copy and will therefore have technical and visual differences.

2. Product Label


On every Piusi pump or product you will find a label detailing the technical information, the Piusi logo or name and the product code. This way, even if you misplace the box and literature, you will still be able to identify the product at a later stage.

Piusi Label


Far Eastern copies either won’t have a label at all, or if they do, it won’t detail any Piusi-related information such as the genuine part code or logo.

Some products may look the same or similar to a Piusi item, and sometime they’ll even call themselves the same i.e. K24 Flow Meter or Viscomat 70 Pump. But if it doesn’t have the Piusi logo and the genuine part code on the product label, then you’ll know that it’s a fake.

3. Product Finish


Genuine Piusi products will have a Piusi and Made in Italy engraving on the body of the product, and newer Piusi pumps will have branded end plates showing the Piusi logo and/or product name.

Genuine products will also have fine attention to detail with neat moulding and connecting parts. Some Piusi items are also colour co-ordinated in red, black and white or white and black for AdBlue products.

Piusi End Plate Branding


Fake Piusi items won’t have the Piusi engraving or branded end plates, and are likely to look cheap and tatty rather than quality. When comparing them to real Piusi products, you’re likely to see differences in colour, shape and detail, and some elements of the product may be different or missing.

Why you should always choose Piusi?

Since their establishment back in 1953, Piusi have grown to become a longstanding, trusted supplier within the industry and are the leading manufacturer of diesel, oil and AdBlue handling equipment. Piusi have earnt their leading position in the market, and if the above isn’t enough to go by, here’s some of the many other reasons why you should always choose Piusi!

• 60 years’ design and manufacturing experience
• Modern facilities with large scale production, an automated warehouse and 155 assembly staff
• Italian values – ensures products are reliable, safe and have a long service life
• ISO 9001 quality certification
• 100% performance testing regime
• Full component traceability
• Superior product finishes including packaging and after-sale information
• 15 engineers providing original designs and continuous innovation

Now you know the main elements to look out for when buying Piusi equipment, but if you’re still not sure, it’s always best to buy from a reputed seller. Centre Tank Services are the official distributor of Piusi equipment in the UK and therefore you can always be sure to get the right product for your requirements, as well as the service and support you need, both before and after your purchase.

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