Case File: Piusi Ocio Tank Level Indicator

Fri, Jun 5, 2020

Welcome to the very first of our product case files, where we will be taking an in-depth look into some of the products available from our fuel dispensing, storage tank, AdBlue and lubrication equipment range.

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We'll be delving into the background, exploring the past and present, and revealing interesting facts about some of our most popular refuelling equipment products. We'll be delving into the background, exploring the past and present, and revealing interesting facts about some of our most popular refuelling equipment products.

The first of our case files, was a product established in 2002, created by a well-known Italian manufacturer, and has some issues with the pronounciation of its name in the UK... the Piusi Ocio Tank Level Indicator.

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We've summarised the facts into a fun detective-style case file which you can download, print off and read at a convenient time!

Key Specs:

Digital reading – %, Litres, mm
Accuracy – +/-1%
Power – 230v / 110v
Fluids – Diesel, Water, Oil, AdBlue
Tank Height – 600-4000mm
Alerts – Low/high level status alerts
Connections – 2 relays for external alarms, BMS or pump control

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The History of the Ocio Gauge

The Ocio was first launched in 2002. For many decades prior, Piusi had specialised in the design and manufacturing of mechanical products such as diesel pumps, fuel nozzles and flow meters. Fuel tank manufacturers across the world were installing Piusi dispensing equipment but then having to look elsewhere for the level indicator. Seeing this as a gap in their range, Piusi’s natural progression was to develop a fuel tank level indicator to enable them to offer the complete solutions….and so, the concept of the Ocio gauge was born!

Since then, there have been multiple additions to the Ocio family…

The Original Ocio was born to offer tank manufacturers a complete solution (2002)

Ocio Desk for viewing current & historic levels at the PC (2004)

Ocio GSM to text level readings and status alerts to a mobile (2009)

Ocio AdBlue for the rise in bulk AdBlue storage tanks (2009)

4-20ma Version for sending level readings to BMS (2012)

Ocio 2.0 for use with Piusi 2.0 fuel management systems (2016)

Where is the Ocio used?

Piusi have always developed quality products for mass market, volume sales as opposed to high priced, highly sophisticated niche products. The Ocio gauge is no different, which makes its typical users quite widespread. As an easy to install, set up and use digital gauge, pretty much anyone that stores fuel or AdBlue onsite, for their own use is a potential user. For that reason, thousands and thousands of Ocio’s are currently installed on tanks in 135 different countries across 6 continents.

• Agriculture

• Haulage/transport

• Generators

• Garages

• Quarries/construction

The Piusi Ocio’s Main Features

• Continuous reading level indicator for immediate viewing of tank contents

• Digital display with choice of percentage, level (mm/inch) or volume (litres/gallons) reading depending upon the user preference

• Simple to set up at the unit to give an accurate reading of any tank shape (vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical and rectangular tanks) and dimensions up to 600-4000mm high

• Low and high level status alerts, which upon activation causes the LED screen to flash to visually alert the user that theset level has been reached for them to take action

• Two configurable relays for connecting the status alerts to other equipment e.g. a low level tank alarm for an audiable alert, a remote building management system or the pump on the tank to turn it off e.g. for day tank filling

• 4-20ma output model available for sending level readings to a building management system

• Suitable for multiple fluids - Standard version is factory set for diesel and AdBlue version for AdBlue, but can be self calibrated on site for oil and water

Ocio Diagram

The Technicalities Behind How it Works…

Fluid Level = Pressure Detected by Probe ÷ Density of Fluid

The Ocio is a hydostatic gauge, using a probe held at the bottom of the tank by a weight to measure the pressure exerted by the fluid inside. As the measured pressure depends upon the density of the fluid (which is set in the Ocio) and the level of the liquid inside the tank, it has the information to automatically calculate the tank level and in turn show it on the display.

Interesting Fact!

Even as the UK agent we’ve been pronouncing “Ocio” wrong for 18 years!

We’re guilty of saying how we see it and calling it the Ock-ee-oh and as a result that’s what it’s become known as in the UK! However, the true Italian pronunciation is Otch-ee-oh, which we always to try and remember whenever we visit Piusi! Many years ago, one of our sales team was actually once caught calling it the O-C-10 after seeing it in written in capital letters!

The Official UK Agent

As the UK's official Piusi distributor and agent, and the only importer of their products in the UK, we have been supplying the Piusi Ocio exclusively to the trade and tank manufacturers since its launch in 2002.

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